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5 Quick Coach Tips to Save Time and Amplify Your Fitness Coaching Business

As a trainer, you only have so much time. However, we have several tools that allow you to save time and manage more clients while still making a big impact on those clients. Below are 5 quick coach tips that our most successful trainers are using to help manage more clients and grow their fitness coaching business.

Create Quick Multi-day Fitness Programs

The multi-day program feature can be a huge time saver. It allows you to build an entire fitness program one time and save it so that it can be applied to different clients. Our most successful users often build a few different multi-day programs that will cover what most clients need. They will then apply one of those programs to a new client and slightly alter any specifics needed.

For example, one trainer uses four 12-week programs for all new clients. She has a Men’s Muscle Gain, Men’s Fat Loss, Women’s Muscle Gain, and Women’s Fat Loss. She has these already built out so that when a new client comes on board she can assign them at the click of a button and they will have a full fitness program assigned. Then, she will alter them as needed by going into each workout and making slight customizations. It’s a huge time saver to not have to build workouts from scratch though. You can even use some of our program templates to get started.

Use Bulk, Schedule, and Automated Messaging

With 20 clients, do you ever feel like you spend too much time saying the same thing over and over again? Our second quick coach tip is to use scheduled and automated messaging to eliminate the need to repeat yourself.

So if you find yourself telling everyone one week into their program “One week down! Today is a rest day – be sure to eat well, relax and prepare for next week” you can just add that to your multi-day fitness program automated message. Or if every Friday morning before a Friday class you have to remember to send 10 people “Tomorrow is our stretching session, be sure to bring your yoga mat”, you can instead just schedule a bulk message to all yoga class clients.

This will save you time and eliminate repeating the same message over and over again. That way you can spend more time on real communication and connection with your clients that isn’t just about reminders.

quick coach tip

Use Custom Forms with Auto-assign

Tired of chasing down and reminding clients to fill out their Personal Training Contract, Client Waiver, or PAR-Q form? Or just wanting to keep all your documents digital and in one place. Our third quick coach tip is to use custom forms with auto-assign. You can create your own custom Personal Training Contract, Client Waiver, or any other type of form and then trigger it to be automatically assigned whenever you add a new client. The client will see a notification to fill out the form and will be able to do it right there on their phone or tablet. This includes having the ability to sign the form as well. You as the trainer will then have these documents saved all in one place.

Have Clients Book On Your Schedule

quick coach tip Personal Trainer Schedule

Every trainer has their own Schedule within the “My Calendar” tab at There they can create and manage personal appointments and appointments with their clients. The biggest time saver though is to have clients that want to book an appointment login to their account and view the trainer’s schedule. The client will only be able to see their own appointments and open slots. All the already booked appointments will just show up as “Not Available”. That means they can find an open time and request that time from the trainer. The trainer can then accept the request or deny it. No more going back and forth over email or text trying to figure out schedules. On top of that, you can set up reminders to notify both you and the client about an upcoming session via email or push notification.

Use Quick Video and Voice Messages

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time typing out instructions to a client? Save time and add a more personal touch by using Video or Voice messages to communicate with clients. It’s easy to do from both our iOS app for Personal Trainers and Android app for Personal Trainers. Video messages are also great for capturing exercise form examples for your clients to see. Our final quick coach tip is to use features like this to spend more time communicating and less time typing,

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