Client Fitness Progress Tracking Tables added to iOS App

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Graphs and Tables iOS App

Today we released a new version of our FitSW iOS app that, in addition to showing you Fitness Progress Tracking in Graph form, also shows this data in table form.  You can edit, delete or add new data all from this fitness progress table.  We updated the fitness progress tab so that its easier and faster to navigate.

Personal Training Client Progress Table

Access the new Personal Training Client Progress Table directly from the fitness Progress Graphs screen for your particular client.  You just need to click the Edit Diet Table button.

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Graph
Click the “Edit Data Table” button to View, Edit, or Delete progress data points that make up the graph.

Here is what the Edit Data Table screen will look like:

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Data Table
Personal trainers can now view the data behind their progress graphs in table form. They can also Edit or Delete progress data entries.

Tap on table rows to update the data or swipe left on them to delete the data.

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Edit Data
Tap a table row to edit the data entry.
Client Fitness Progress Tracking Delete Data.
Swipe left on a table row to delete it.

Updated Fitness Progress Tab

In addition to the above, we have also improved the way the Progress tab navigation.  The first screen you see for a specific client will be their progress graphs.  From there, if you want to add new fitness progress data, click on the “+” in the upper right.

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Add Progress
Add new progress data by clicking the “+” in the upper right.

The updated Enter Progress screen:

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Enter New Data
The Enter Progress screen has been improved and updated.

To edit the Assessments that progress is measured for, personal trainers can click on the Assessment name and they will be taken to a new screen.  Add a new assessment by clicking the “Add New Assessment To This List” link at the bottom.

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Edit Assessment.
Edit an assessment by clicking on the assessment name.  The app will take users to a screen to update that assessment. To add a new assessment, trainers can click the “Add New Assessment To This List” link at the bottom.

Here is the “Edit Assessment Screen”

Client Fitness Progress Tracking Update Assessment
Clients are able to update the assessment name or description from this screen.

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