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Born Tough: Men’s Athletic Wear Review

A little bit ago we announced that we would be doing a review of men’s athletic wear by a Brand based out of California called Born Tough. But we lied. We are also doing a review of some of their women’s athletic wear as well. The review will be done by Claire, a digital marketer for FitSW and chronic clothing reviewer.

Being that FitSW is a fitness software, we only thought it was appropriate to dream up a rigorous test to put the hoodie through. As many of us on the FitSW team spend our off time powerlifting, trail running, and hiking, we figured this wouldn’t be too hard.

The Article of Clothing

The piece of men’s athletic wear that we did the review on was the men’s Momentum Track Suite Hoodie in all black.

Image of the Born Tough hoodie on their website.

Right off the bat you can tell the hoodie looks like it’s pretty good quality from the image. But one of the biggest things that go me immediately before ever putting the hoodie through the works was the price. With hoodie prices getting ridiculous nowadays, it was nice to see what looked like a really nice hoodie for an actually affordable price.

The Test

What’s a good review of men’s athletic wear without a good test? I am a pretty avid hiker and I sometimes go for a trail run. I go pretty much every weekend. For those of you that don’t know, the FitSW offices are headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a result, we have plenty of options for trails to hit whether it’s way up in the Rocky Mountains or here in town.

I went on a morning hike last weekend that was 7 miles round trip. The trail featured some open areas leaving me exposed to the wind and some loose gravel that would force me jump and climb up on rocks. At the time of starting the hike, it was a brisk 38 degrees outside with a slight wind but nothing too bad. By the end of the hike, the clouds started to clear and the sun started to come out and the temp rose to about 46 degrees with little to no wind and direct sunshine. I figured wearing a t-shirt, the Born Tough hoodie, gloves, and a hat would be enough for the hike as I didn’t want to end up having to shed layers.

Insulating the Heat and Fighting the Wind

At first, I felt a little chilly starting out, but that’s to be expected with temps in the 30’s. Once I got going, I noticed the jacket insulated heat very well and even had some protection against the slight breeze that was coming through which you don’t always find in lighter weight jackets. The zipper zips up quite high and protects your neck from the elements pretty well and the hood fits your head snug. Sometimes hoods are too big so when you pull the draw strings to prevent wind from coming in, the hood covers too much of your face. Fortunately, Born Tough got the hood just right.

The Fabric and The Fit

The hoodie is made out of a dense fabric (92% polyester and 8% fabric) and is a slim fit. Once you put the hoodie on the fabric feels tough and durable with a solid zipper. However, even for a how durable the fabric is, the hoodie stretches very well to match your movement. Regardless of what sort of exercise you are competing in, the hoodie moves with you. And admittedly I bit the dust once on some rough gravel and the jacket didn’t show any damage at all on the elbows or areas of contact.

The Wash

After my hike I figured it’d be a good time to put it the through the wash. Sometimes, hoodies will fray on the inside and get little clumps of fabric on your other clothes (so annoying). However, because of how this hoodie is made, there’s really now way for it to do that. The hoodie didn’t shrink, get stiff, and didn’t shed stuff on other clothes while in the washer or dryer.


The Born Tough men’s Momentum Track Suite hoodie is a great hoodie that fits well, goes for an extremely reasonable price, is quality, and not only works great as something to workout in but also can keep your warm and fend off some of the wind as well. If you’re looking for a dynamic hoodie that you can beat up in the gym and wear casually as well, the Born Tough Momentum Track Suite hoodie is a great option for you.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to our socials for a giveaway of the products that Claire and I have tested! We will be announcing this via NewsletterFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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