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Client Exercise Form Video Upload New Feature

You likely already use FitSW’s exercise library or upload your own exercise demonstration videos for your clients to follow. We now also allow your clients to upload form checks of themselves doing exercises right to their workout. This enables you as the trainer to review their exercise form video upload in order to check that they are properly doing exercises and offer any needed coaching.

Your clients can upload these form checks videos right there in the specific workout’s exercise so that it stays organized. You as the fitness coach can review these videos from within the FitSW app or on the website.

Uploading Form Check Videos as a Client

Your clients can easily upload a form check video by swiping left on a specific set for the particular workout in question as seen below.

Upload Exercise Form Video

The client can then click the “Upload Video” button. They will then be able to choose what type of upload they want to make. They can either upload an existing video they already recorded or record a new video right there in the app. After they have uploaded a video, you and your client will see a little camera icon next to the particular set. See below for an example.

Exercise Form Video Upload

You as the trainer (or the client) can click that camera button in order to view the video. Clients can use this feature in our iOS App for Personal Trainers right now and in the Android app for personal trainers by early February 2022 (2 weeks away!).

Viewing Exercise Form Video Upload

You as the trainer can view the exercise form videos on your phone or on the website. From your phone, you can just click that camera icon mentioned earlier. You can also add “Feedback” to what you see. From the website, go to the particular workout in question. You will see a camera icon that shows enabled when there is an exercise video and disabled when there is not. See below.

Exercise Form Video Review

If you then click on the video icon, you will be able to view the video and add your feedback. Your clients can then view your feedback so they will know how to improve their form next time. It’s a great way to coach your clients when you can’t be there in person.

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