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We have recently made a ton of upgrades to the Personal Trainer Schedule Management feature. This feature is also known as “My Calendar” in the navigation bar when you are logged in as a trainer. This page allows you to manage your schedule as a trainer. You can do things like set available hours, manage in-person training sessions, or allow and accept requested bookings from clients. Note that this feature is different than Client Calendars which are the calendars that show your client’s upcoming workouts, tasks, and meal plans. This calendar, on the other hand, is for you to manage your schedule.

Adding Appointments

It’s easy to add appointments yourself by simply clicking on the calendar. You will be able to specify the appointment’s Title, add a Description, and set a date and time. You will also have the following options as well.

Repeat Appointments

You can have your appointments repeated if they should occur on a certain schedule. That will save you time from having to enter it multiple times. You can choose to have the event repeat daily (something like every 3 days) or weekly (every Tuesday and Friday). This saves you time as you manage your personal trainer schedule.

Appointment Type

You can also choose whether you want the appointment to be an actual training session with one of your clients. On the other hand, you can create personal appointments that aren’t linked to any one of your clients. A Training Session with one of your clients allows you to choose which client(s) (you can choose one or many). The appointment will then also show up on those specific clients’ calendars also. It’s a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page.

A Personal / Unavailable session is a session that you haven’t associated with any of your clients. However, it can help you remember appointments and block time off on your calendar. When a client looks at your schedule in order to schedule some time, they will just see the time blocked out. They will not be able to see the appointment name – they will just see “Not Available”. So it keeps your privacy but doesn’t allow clients to book that slot.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are especially helpful in reducing the number of no-show clients. They help remind your clients (and you) of upcoming sessions. Additionally, they can also help remind you of your personal appointments as well. You can set them to occur at a specific time, like 24 hours before or 1 hour before the actual event. You can also choose whether FitSW sends the reminder as an email reminder or a push notification to mobile devices. It’s another great way to keep everyone on the same page.

Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook Integration

We also have added the ability for both you and your client to add an appointment to your Google calendar, Apple calendar, or Outlook calendar. This is yet another way to ensure everyone has their personal trainer appointment on their radar. Simply click the specific calendar you want to add the appointment to. You can also sync Outlook calendar to make things more productive and organized. FitSW will then add this appointment to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.

Viewing or Editing Personal Training Appointments

To view an existing appointment, you can simply click on it. More details will be displayed about the event along with the ability to Edit or Delete the event. If the event is part of a repeating series, you will be able to either edit the single instance of the event you clicked on or edit the entire series. Just click the specific button. Below is what it looks like to view a repeating event.

personal trainer schedule management view

Editing Appointments will be similar to adding a new appointment to your personal trainer schedule.

Clients Requesting Appointments

Clients will be able to see their appointments in green when they go to “Trainer -> Schedule” from their side navigation bar. All of the trainer’s other appointments show as “Not Available” so that the client doesn’t see events that don’t pertain to them. This also allows them to see openings in the trainer’s schedule in order to request appointments.

Letting the client request appointments with the trainer makes it easier for both the trainer and the client. The client can find the best times available for their session that also works for the trainer. No more back and forth availability checking emails required. Once the client requests a time, it shows up on their calendar in beige and the trainer will receive a notification that they can either Approve or Deny the requested appointment. If the trainer approves it, the appointment is added in green to both calendars. If it’s denied, the client is notified that their appointment was declined and can reschedule. This gives the trainer more power over their schedule and allows the client and trainer to stay on the same page.

Personal trainer client schedule

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