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Superset Workout View in Android App

Superset Workout View in Android App – New Android Release

Today, we just released the New FitSW Android App 142 today which includes the main one of Superset Workout View in Android App along with several other new features and improvements.  Here are some more details:

1) Superset Workout View in Android app

Now, you and your clients can view workouts with supersets properly in the Android app that were created on  In a future release we will be giving you the ability to add supersets within the Android app but for now you can create them at and view them in both the iOS and Android apps.

Superset Workout View in Android App
Superset Workout View in Android App FITSW

 2) Facebook Login and Register with Facebook

You and your clients can now login and signup much faster using Facebook Login and Signup with Facebook.

Speed up your login time with Facebook login.
Speed up your login time with Facebook login.

3) Add Workout Screen Improvements

The text inputs on the Workouts tab for Sets, Weights and Reps fields now use a numeric keyboard to make it quicker and easier for you to enter.  We have also made it so that the Weights and Reps text fields also accept comma’s so that you can enter multiple weights and reps for a single exercise.

4) View Diet Improvements

In Diet log for your client, we have now enabled decimal places for Quantities of Foods that you enter.

5) Usability improvements and Bug Fixes

We have also improved the sizing of text, fixed bugs and added other usability improvements.

Future FitSW Android App Release Coming Soon

The above changes are in the latest release of our FitSW Android App but we will also be releasing another revision soon.  If you have any feedback on the FitSW Android App, please send us an email at so that we can implement those improvements as soon as possible.  The same goes for the FitSW iOS App along with our website at

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