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Client Fitness Calendar Improvements

Last week we rolled out the new fitness calendar list view which allows trainers to switch quickly between Calendar View and List View. Clients can also do this in their client fitness calendar! This allows them to quickly view what they have coming up. Additionally, this makes it easy to choose how their events are displayed. Finally, we have simplified the client’s sidebar menu on the FitSW website. We have made this possible now since clients can now see workouts, tasks, and nutrition all from the single Calendar View.

Client Fitness Calendar View

When your client logs in they will see their dashboard showing today’s events. However, if they want to see a calendar view of what is coming up, they can click on the Calendar link in the side navigation. They will then see a screen similar to the below.

client fitness calendar

This calendar view shows all the client’s upcoming events. If they want to only show a certain type of events like workouts, they can click on the drop-down menu under Event Type and choose which types of events they want to see. In the above image, we have selected “All”.

The client can also switch to “List View” by clicking the List View tab. They can go back and forth between Calendar View and List View any time they want. List View will display events in a similar method to how the old “Workout List” screen displays them. See below for how List View displays events.


Clients can open up events like workouts in both List View and Calendar View by clicking on them. They can then see the exercises and all the details of the workout.

Update Client Side Navigation Bar Menu

Clients can now access workouts, tasks, and nutrition right from this client fitness calendar. Therefore, we have removed the links for these that were taking up the side navigation bar. This simplifies things for clients so they won’t fill overwhelmed by all the options in the side navigation.

As part of that change, we also moved the links for Exercises, Foods, Recipes, Programs, and Resources into a side menu item called Libraries. They likely won’t be accessed as frequently by your clients so we bundled them there to again simplify the side navigation menu for clients.

These changes do not affect our iOS fitness software app or our Android fitness software app. It only affects the website when a client logs in.

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