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New Fitness Calendar List View

These past few months we have made multiple improvements to the client calendar. Now, we have added the ability to quickly switch your client’s fitness calendar to list view at the click of a switch right on the calendar page! This lets you quickly switch to list mode for things like bulk deleting, printing, or anything else you like to do from a list view. The List View switch can be seen highlighted in red below.

Additionally, it’s now very easy to filter events by event type right at the top of the page. There is also a lot of new functionality that you have directly from the calendar.

fitness calendar

Calendar List View Switch

We all know how important scheduling your client’s fitness calendars can be for exercise adherence. That’s why the client calendar is so important. Before we go more into the switch let’s first start with how to get to the calendar view. There are several ways.

How to get to Calendar View

You can get to the Client Calendar View in numerous ways:

  1. You can click “Client Calendars” in the side navigation bar and then choose the specific client.
  2. From the Client List, you can click the Event Calendar button under each clients name (See below image)
  3. From the Client List, You can click on the client’s Workouts, Tasks, or Nutrition links (See the below image). This option will open the client’s Fitness Calendar View. However, the Calendar View will be filtered to only show the particular Event Type you clicked.
event calendar button

Once in the Calendar View, you can choose which client’s calendar you want to show using the drop-down under the “Select a client” label. You can also choose whether you want the calendar to show only workouts, diets, tasks, or show them all.

Switching to List View

You can easily switch to the list view (and back to the calendar view also) by tapping on the button highlighted in red shown in the image at the beginning of this article. When in list view you will see the client events displayed in a list view similar to how the workout list, nutrition list, and task list used to look. In this list view, at the top, you can also filter which type of event you want to view. Below is an example of this list view.

event calendar list view

As seen, this page has all the functionality of the workout list and more. However, it’s still right there on the Calendar View page which will save you time. You can switch quickly between different clients and event types by using the drop-downs at the top. You can still search through events, sort events, and filter events based on status (open, complete, not met).

New Event Calendar Functionality

In addition to the list view addition, we also added additional functionality to the Fitness Calendar View. First, when you click on an event you have a lot more functionality available to you. You can Edit, Copy, Email, Print, Favorite, and Publish all right from the Calendar View.

calendar view functions

Secondly, you can also add new events, templates, favorites, and programs right from the calendar screen. Its also a lot easier to filter events on the calendar now using the dropdown Event Type filter.

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