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Tracking Client Workout Results in iOS and Android

Tracking Client Workout Results

Comparing workout results with what was expected is a key component in any personal training relationship.  First of all, the personal trainer can gauge how a client is performing.  Also, it helps the trainer adjust future workouts to stay in line with a clients needs.  In addition, tracking holds the client accountable because they know their trainer is reviewing what they accomplished during a workout compared to what was expected.  In a previous post we discussed Client Workout Results Tracking on the web version of FitSW at We have now added this Tracking Client Workout Results capability to both our iOS and Android apps.  Its an awesome feature because it lets personal trainers and clients effectively track client workout results.

Here is how it works:

Workout Details Page

Personal trainers or their clients can enter results view their Workout Details page.  There is now a Results button on this page that either the trainer or the client can tap in order to enter workout results data.

Workout Details Page iOS App

Tracking Client workout Results workout details page
Trainer or clients can hit the orange Results button in the upper right on iOS.   They can then enter in workout Results data.

Workout Details Page Android App

Tracking Client Workout Results Workout Details Page Android
Android users can tap the “Enter Results Data” text highlighted in red in this image.

Entering Personal Training Client Workout Results

After tapping the Results button, personal trainers and clients will be able to enter workout results in text fields. The entry boxes are slightly different between iOS and Android.  However, both apps automatically save data as the user enters it.

iOS Workout Results Entry

After tapping the Results button, additional text boxes will display underneath the originally defined workout details.  These additional text boxes say “Results” in them as a placeholder, but will allow you to enter workout result data.  The app automatically saves data and the user can simply click the orange “Done Results” button when they have finished.

Tracking Client Workout Results Workout Details Page Results Entry
Text boxes show up underneath the workout details fields that allow personal trainers or clients to enter workout results data.

Android Workout Results Entry

After tapping enter results on Android, a new screen will come up. This screen shows original workout details and allows users to enter the workout results underneath them. Once done, the user can click the back arrow and the app will automatically save the results data.

Reviewing Workout Results Data

Due to the way results data is set up, is that users can review the data again by just clicking the result buttons.  It doesn’t matter if the client is using iOS and the trainer is using Android.  They both can view the data that was entered for results.  Tracking client workout results is easy from any type of device.

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  • Being able to track workout results directly through the FitSW app, regardless of whether you’re on iOS or Android, is incredibly convenient for both trainers and clients. It not only helps in monitoring progress but also ensures accountability and allows for adjustments in future workouts. Thanks for implementing such a useful feature.


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