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Fitness Client Calendar Updates

A few months back, we added the ability for Personal Trainers and their clients to view a personal training client calendar. This fitness client calendar enables trainers and their clients to view upcoming workouts, nutritions, and tasks in an easy-to-understand calendar format. This month we have been hard at work adding several updates to this client calendar. Our goal is to make it even easier to use to save you time.

Add Favorite Events Directly From Calendar

Favorites make it easy to build a workout one time and then easily add it to any client’s program whenever you need to. From there, you can make slight adjustments as needed. Now, you can now add Favorite workouts, nutrition, and tasks directly from the client’s calendar screen. This makes it quick and easy to add new workouts to a client.

Fitness Client Calendar Add Favorite

New Calendar Event Indicators

Draft Event Indicator

You can now also easily distinguish drafts from published events by the red outline around the event. You can see this in the below image of the fitness client calendar. If you click on a “Draft Event”, you will also see a “Publish” button. This allows you to quickly publish the event without having to fully open it up. As a reminder, “Draft” allows you to keep the particular event invisible to your client. However, as soon as you publish it, your client will be able to see it.

Completion Status

You can also now see what the completion status is for each event right there on the calendar now. Consequently, you will see this to the right of each event title. Specifically, you will see either a green checkmark, grey square, or red x. There is a legend in the upper right of the

Fitness Client Calendar Completion indicators

Event List Publish Updates

We have now also added the ability for personal trainers to publish events directly from the event list. This means you no longer have to go into the Edit Event screen. You can do it directly from the event list as seen below.

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