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Client Progress Tracking Updates

We have just updated our client progress tracking dashboard for trainers on the website. The tracking client progress feature is a key part to ensuring your clients stay motivated as they see their progress over time. Above all, goals are a key part of any fitness program. Therefore, setting SMART goals and tracking goal progress over time are keys to successfully achieving those goals. As a result, we have spent time further improving our metric progress tracker to make it more powerful and easier to use.

Progress Metric Filter Improvements

Below is what the new top navigation for progress metrics looks like. It’s there to help you filter data easier so that you can see what you need to see.

From left to right:

  • Client Name: Here you can quickly choose which client you want to view data for.
  • Update Metric List: Below Client Name, is this button which allows you to change or add which metrics you track.
  • Select Metric Category: Allows you to filter which metrics you want to view if you have categorised them.
  • Display Format: Lets you see metrics in Graph form or Table form.
  • Date Range: Lets you choose what time frames you want your metrics to show over.
  • Add Progress Data: Lets you add new progress data.
  • Print Button: Lets you print client progress metric data

New Metric Graph Updates

Now you can update graph data directly from the metric graphs. Simply click on a point in the graph as shown below and you will see a pop-up that lets you edit the value. Additionally, you can add a notes for specific points as well if you wanted to add some additional information to go with a point.

client progress tracking graphs
Before clicking a point to edit it.
editing client progress tracking graphs
Editing data point.

Updated Progress Graph and Table Layout

As you can see above we have made the graph layout more compact. Therefore, you can now view all the different metrics you are tracking at once. Additionally, you can view notes by simply mousing over specific highlighted points (highlighted by a white dot). This way, they do not take up so much screen space.

We have also updated the tables to include small snapshots of the graphs. Consequently, you now have a small view of the graph at the same time as viewing the table. This is shown below.

client progress tracking tables

Entering New Progress Data

Entering progress data is even easier. To add data, just click the “Add Progress” Data button at the top right of the page. Once you do, a new screen will come up to allow you to enter data for any of the metric you would like. This data automatically saves when you enter it.

One added bonus is that if there is already data for a particular metric on the day you are trying to add data to, it will be displayed. That way you won’t run into a problem where you try to enter multiple data points on the same day accidentaly.


As a trainer you know that tracking progress is important. With these new features we have made it easier and more powerful. As always, you or your clients can enter data from your phone.

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