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Refer Personal Trainers to FitSW and Earn Money or Custom Apps

UPDATE: Referral percentages have been increased and updated in the text below (just not images).

You have asked for us to implement a referral program or affiliate program and now we have! Specifically, many of our users have expressed the desire to refer FitSW to fellow trainers and we have now made this easy. And you can earn $100s or $1000s at the same time for doing so. Furthermore, here is how to refer personal trainers to FitSW.

How to Refer FitSW to other Trainers

We have now created a “Refer & Earn” page that you can access when you log in to and click on your Account menu. Then click the Refer & Earn link seen below.

You will be taken to a page where you can easily refer personal trainers or studios and view those you have referred. This page is shown below in the next image. You have multiple ways in which to refer someone. Each way involves a referral link that is specific to you that allows the system to keep track of your referrals and earnings.

Referral Options

  • Copy Referral Link – This allows you to copy your specific referral link directly so that you can send it to the people you want to refer.
  • Email Referral Link – This allows you to quickly email the people you want to email the link to. It sets up a prepopulated email message that you just need to add email addresses to.
  • Share Referral Link on Facebook – This allows you to quickly share your referral link to facebook.
  • Share Referral Link on Twitter – This allows you to quickly share your referral link to twitter.

Earning Cash or Custom Apps

For every trainer that you refer, you will earn between 15% – 35% of their subscription fees for the first year. So if you refer 5 trainers that could be ~$300 or 10 could be ~$650. The more you refer the more you earn. You can either choose direct payouts for you or just apply your referral earnings to a custom app or your subscription. FitSW will track your referral right there on the Refer and Earn page, easy for you to see. We have put together a page with all the additional details on referral payouts.

Wrap Up

Even if you mostly use our iOS app for personal trainers or Android app for personal trainers, we recommend you still refer your friends to the website first. They can get started by creating an account there and then downloading the app afterward.

We have made it as easy as possible to share your referral link. Let us know if there are other methods that would make it easier to share your referral link. We thank you for using FitSW and telling your friends about us. We added this referral program to reward you for this and track who you referred.

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