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Copy Workouts & Use Favorites To Improve Efficiency

Copy Workouts

I have a workout that I saved from one client that I want to use for another client.  How do I copy workouts?

This is a question we have seen a few times this week on our Instagram, so we will be adding it to our FAQ.  I also wanted to address it here since this feature is very easy to use and can really improve a personal trainer’s efficiency.  It also gives trainers the option to slightly tweak these copied workouts for different clients.

Copying Workouts from one Client to Another

On your Workouts page every workout will have a Copy button in the Options column:

Copy Workouts button is in the Options Column
View of a workout in a Client’s workout list
  1. Click that Copy Button
  2. You will then see a page that looks a lot like the normal page you create workouts on, except at the top will be a field that says “Copy Workout From (original client) to:” with a field for you to choose one of your other clients.  Select the client you want to copy the workout to.
Copy Workouts Screen.
Copy Workout Screen. Top field allows you to select which client to copy to.
  • Modify the workout as needed on the above Copy Workout Screen.
  • Click the Copy Workout button at the bottom to successfully copy your workout!
  • So as you can see copying workouts is easy and adds flexibility for trainers to modify the new workout.  None of this will affect the workout that the trainer is copying from.

    Favorite Workouts and Copying

    Another very helpful feature a lot of trainers use is the “Favorite” feature which allows Trainers to “Favorite” a workout on the Workouts Page.  The Favorite Button is located a few buttons over from the Copy button in the 1st image above.  This will add the specific workout to a special list called Favorites which can be seen at the bottom of the Client List.

    The Favorite list makes it very easy for trainers to copy their Favorite workouts to any clients at any time.  It makes it much easier for personal trainers to store all their frequently copied workouts in the same location without having to click through multiple client’s workout lists to find them.  The Copying process for Favorite workouts is the same as outlined above for copying a workout from one client to another.  Super simple!  Let us know if you have any feedback.

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