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Your Own Personal Trainer Blog & Content Management System – New Features!

Create Your Own Personal Trainer Blog & Content Management System

Have you ever wanted to share content (videos, images, text, instructions) with all your personal training clients at once but keep it only to your clients and not public?  Or have you ever wanted your own Personal Trainer Blog & Content Management System without wanting to have to deal with some of the more complex or heavy, slow software out there?

FitSW’s new Personal Trainer Blog & Personal Trainer Content Management System (free on all accounts!) solves both of these problems and more.  It allows you to quickly create posts or content of any type and designate who can view these posts / content on a per post basis.  Check out the Demo here:

The link to this video is

Easily Select Who Can View Your Personal Trainer Blog Posts or Content

When your clients login to FitSW they can see the posts or content you would like them to see without having to do anything special – they just click on a button in their menu that says “My Trainer -> Blog”.   If you have designated a post or content as being shared with “Clients Only”, no one else can see it but your clients.  You can also give clients the ability to comment on posts.

Client Access To Personal Trainer Blog & Content Management System
Client’s View: Your Clients can simply click on “My Trainer” and then “Blog” to see the content you have posted

At the same time you have the ability to share other posts or content with people in addition to your clients.  For example, if you are writing an informative article that you think would be helpful to others and could potential bring in more clients, you could post this to your public content that anyone can see as long as they have your blog address.

Choose Your Own Custom Blog Address

Speaking of your blog address, you can easily customize this so that people can find you.  Let’s say your business is called FitnessFirst – create your blog at  This makes it very easy for people to find your page and it has a professional look.

Simple, Fast Content Management & Personal Trainer Blog Posting

On top of all this, our Blog / Content Management System allows you to create these posts quickly and seamlessly.  It is extremely simple to upload an image or video compared to a lot of the other software out there.  See the video at up top for a demo.

Posting Images Video Personal Trainer Blog & Content Management System
The buttons in teal, red, and orange allow you to quickly & easily post links, pictures, and videos respectively.

Just a few ideas of what types of posts you could share on your page:

  • Motivational Content
  • Custom Instructional Content
  • Valuable Health & Fitness Information
  • Special Classes or Events
  • Promotions – discounts and sales
  • General Info & News
  • Client Success Stories
  • Touching Base with Clients
Personal Trainer Blog & Content Management System Blog Posts Summary
Post Summary shows posts, comments, who can see the posts, and when it was published.

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