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Fitness Assessment Graphs Improvements

We are excited to announce that have added improvements to our fitness assessment graphs! Not only do they have a new design, but they also have the ability to zoom for specific time frames! Additionally, you can now view notes directly in the graphs. While this feature is currently only available on our website application, it will be soon be added to both our Android and iOS apps.

Fitness Assessment Graphs Old Design vs. New Design

Old Design Of Fitness Assessment Graphs
Old Design Of Assessment Graphs

The picture above shows the previous design of the fitness assessment graphs. Previously, the lines of each graph had a different color, depending on the specific assessment you were looking at. You can view more pictures on the old design here!

New Design Of Fitness Assessment Graphs
New Design Of Assessment Graphs

Above you can see how our new progress graphs look. We have added a new coloring system to make the graphs look even better! If you would like to view more of these graphs, you can do so! They are live on our website and you can view them full of your own data!

Notes Integrated Into Graphs

Notes section on on integrated graphs

Beforehand, you could only view notes on a specific assessment when looking at the data via the table format. However, you can now view notes directly in the graphs! The notes are located on the right side of each graph. Additionally, they have the date so you know when you added this note! This adds the ability to understand why a specific assessment entry may be higher or lower than at other times.

Ability To Zoom

Check out this video to see the ability to Zoom:

You can now zoom to view specific time frames on our fitness assessment graphs. You can filter by 1 hour, 1 day, 5 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or the maximum time allotted. This helps show progress in specific time frames. Thus, you will be able to see when your clients were improving the most and can create fitness plans based on what is working for them the best!

We are very excited to have a new fitness assessment graph feature and would love your thoughts! If you have any feedback or comments on this, or anything else, contact us! You can do this by connecting with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! We typically reply within a day or so! Finally, for more information on everything FitSW has to offer, visit our website!

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