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Create Before and After Fitness Photos Easily – New Feature

Create Before and After Fitness Photos with New Fitness Picture Manager

An image can convey so much information, especially when it comes to your client’s fitness progress.  That is why we recently released our new picture & image manager at that will help both you and your clients visualize the results of their hard work.  We have now made it extremely easy to upload and manage fitness photos.  On top of that, you can now quickly create before and after fitness photos based off of two individual photos you would like to compare.

We have also added a feature that lets you quickly share these images to social media if you would like.  Some clients like having their progress posted to social media to show the results of their hard work to their friends while others may like the fact that FitSW also allows the photos to be shared just between them and their trainer.  Here is an example photo created using FitSW with our old friend AC Slater ;).  This post describes how to create Before and After photos on our website.  You can also create Before and After photos in our iOS App as described in our iOS App Before & After Photos post and Android App as described in our Android App Before & After Photos post.

Create Before and After Fitness Photos using
Generate Before and After fitness photos like this one easily with FitSW.  Mullet optional.

How to Use FitSW to Upload Photos, Create Before and After Comparisons, & Share on Social Media

Check out our help center to see how to use FitSW’s Pictures feature.  You will see how to upload photos, create before and after fitness photos, and share on social media.  Read even more details below.

Uploading Fitness Progress Photos

In order to keep clients motivated and help see how they are doing, many trainers will take photos periodically.  FitSW has now made major improvements in our system to allow you to quickly upload these photos, store them, and add date & caption information.  The system can provide your clients automatic access to these photos without you having to do a thing.  This allows both of you to monitor and proudly review your client’s progress.  Pulling out that old photo to show the client how far they have come is often a really good tool. It can help renew motivation as soon as you sense your client approaching a plateau.  FitSW makes it easy for you as it stores all these photos on the Gallery tab of your Pictures page for a specific client.

Create Before and After Fitness Photos

You can take it a step further by creating comparison photos to get a good visualization of what areas of the clients program have been a success and really hammer home the point of how much progress your client has made.  FitSW allows you to create before and after fitness photos with just two clicks – one to select the first comparison photo and two for the second comparison photo.   FitSW then places the images into a single image side by side with each one’s specific date and caption information displayed.  Picture manager stores these images on the tab called Comparison Photos which is right next to your Gallery tab.  You can access these images whenever you need to. FitSW also makes it easy for you to download these images to your device.

Sharing Before and After Photos

Sharing Before and After Photos on social media can be a great tool for some clients.  Posting fitness before & after photos to a clients Facebook page may lead their friends to comment things like “Wow – those are awesome results!” or “Amazing Job!” which can be incredibly motivating and provide a lot of support to your client and keep them on track.  It is also a great opportunity for you as the trainer to highlight your capabilities to a broader audience of all your client’s friends and acquaintances. This is the perfect way to show them the results you can help your clients achieve. Just make sure your client is ok with you posting on their social media first.  FitSW makes it very easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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