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Personal Trainer Chat Group Improvements – Feature Updates

Over the past few weeks, we have created some really cool features around our personal trainer chat / messaging features. This week was no different. But before we get into that, let’s summarize several other new updates we made to our personal trainer software. We have added trainer page updates and added the ability to create nutrition macro goals. In addition, we made it even easier to add new workouts quickly right there on the programs page. Check out the details below.

Personal Trainer Chat Group Improvements

We have added even more customizations to the personal trainer chat group feature. Not only can trainers easily create chat groups to create fun, social, encouraging conversations, but they can now add and remove members quickly and easily. They can add other trainers (if they are part of the same gym) or clients or any combination. Check out the updated interface below.

Personal Trainer Custom Page Social Media Links

Every FitSW trainer gets their own customizable Personal Trainer page where they can showcase their services, sell packages, sell subscriptions, and more. This also allows their profile to be featured on Find Train Gain for clients to discover them. We have now added the ability for the trainer to include their social media links on this trainer page if desired. That way, if you as the trainer want to show off your social media to clients or potential clients, it’s as easy as pasting a link.

Just log in to FitSW, go to Account -> Profile, and add your links right there. Trainers can choose which links they want to share, and then the icons for those social media sites will then show up on the trainer page.

Personal Trainer Custom Page Social Media Links

Icons will only show up for social media links a coach has entered. See below for how they will look.

Personal Trainer Custom Page

Nutrition Macro Goals

FitSW Nutritions allows trainers to create meal plans or general nutrition information for their clients to follows. Trainers can add foods with quantities to the Nutrition. The system will automatically calculate the total macros for the meal plan. We have added another feature to Nutritions where trainers can now set Macro Goals for Nutritions. Clients can now either just monitor whether they are hitting these goals, or add foods themselves as they go through their day. They can then check to see how these actual Macros are lining up with their goals. Fitness coaches can now also set Water Intake Goals.

Nutrition Macro-nutrient Goals

Multi-day Program Improvements

Trainers can create multi-day fitness programs for their clients by using the Programs feature. The Programs feature pulls the workouts, nutritions, and tasks that are to be added to a program from the Favorite Workouts, Favorite Nutritions, and Favorite Tasks. That led to users having to make sure that they had their Favorites up-to-date in order to create a program. We wanted to make that process even more efficient. So, we have now added the ability for the trainer to add a new Favorite event right from the Programs page. This lets you save time and do it on the fly instead of having to go to your favorites first. To use this feature just click “Create New Workout” when you are using the Programs feature and see the screen below.

Multi-day Fitness Programs

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