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Custom Web Application for Trainers – Holiday Discount

Our custom fitness apps, allow you as the personal trainer or fitness coach to combine your brand with the power and functionality of FitSW. You can have your very own iOS app and Android app. These apps come complete with your logo, your color scheme, and your own app store presence. You can also customize the web experience for you and your clients with your own custom web application for trainers. We are offering a $100 discount for the holidays. So instead of $199 – it is now only $99 through the end of the year. You can take advantage of this offer by logging in and then going to

What is a Custom Web App?

A custom iOS App or custom Android app is pretty straightforward to understand. However, we do get questions on what exactly do we mean by Custom Web App? A FitSW Custom Web App, lets you brand the entire experience when you or your clients visit Instead of your clients seeing the FitSW logo and the FitSW color scheme, they will see your logo. They will also see your color scheme. Below is an example of a custom web app. Notice how the trainer’s own logo shows instead of the FitSW logo. Throughout the site, the client will see the trainer’s logo. It’s a great way to solidify your brand as a personal trainer.

Custom Web Application for Trainers example

Each trainer that purchases a custom web app will also receive their own sign-in page. Every client that visits this specific URL, will see the trainer or studio’s logo instead of FitSW’s. Your automated welcome emails that go out to your clients, will have this custom URL on them to direct your new clients to your sign-in page.

Custom Web Application for Trainers Sign-in Page

Benefits of a Custom Web App

Solidify Your Brand

Your brand and what you represent are what is important to your client. It’s the reason they want to work with you to achieve their goals. Why not have it on the website as your clients view and interact with the workouts, nutrition, and tasks you have assigned.

Professional and Polished Look

Your clients love you and your brand. Now associate that with the power of FitSW and it will add the complete package needed for a professional polished look.

Custom App Flexibility

We have specifically discussed FitSW’s custom web application for trainers but as mentioned earlier, we also offer custom iOS apps and custom Android apps. You can pick and choose which ones you would like to purchase or choose all three. There are many reasons to invest in a custom branded fitness app and we think it can really add to the personal training experience for both you and your clients.

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