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Editable Workout Fields For Additional Workout Building Flexibility

FitSW has recently added improvements at the very core of our software: Building Workouts! We know that at different times, you may want to use different fields for different exercises. For example, for running you may want to specify distance or time. For bench press, you may want to specify weight and reps. You may also want to specify which order these fields are listed in for your clients. Now you can do all of this with a new feature we call editable workout fields!

With this change, we have also added RPE as a trackable field. What this means is that you now can offer a higher level of customization for exercises within your workout. This allows FitSW to easily meet your specific training style and strategy! Let us know if there are any other fields you would like to see us add.

Editing Workout Fields

For a standard non-cardio exercise, there were always 5 fields that you as the trainer could edit. The app required you to have all 4 even if you left one blank. Now with this new feature, you can remove any fields that you don’t want to use. Additionally, you can now add any new fields that you would like. We’ll start on the page that every one of you is familiar with. 

Editing Workout Fields

This is the workout builder page on the FitSW website. Everything is the same as it previously was, and we can see a Barbell Squat exercise has been added with the standard fields (Reps, Weight, Time, Rest and Notes). There is an additional button now, that when clicked opens the Field Editor.

Exercise Field Editor

From here, you can manage the fields that you want for this exercise by adding, removing and reordering. Your clients, as they access from their phones, will only see the fields that you set for them. From the FitSW iOS app with the reps, weight and RPE fields set it looks like this.

iOS Editable Workout Fields


We know that trainers prefer to track different fields for different exercises and even for different clients. This new Editable Workout Fields feature lets you specify exactly what fields are important and what your clients will see. This helps keep things simpler for you clients, and lets you do things exactly the way you want them done. Additionally, FitSW will automatically track the fields you choose. This will help you monitor exercise compliance within a workout. You and your client will be able to track what you planned and what the client actually did.

FitSW is committed to giving personal trainers tools that allow you to improve your personal training business. The addition of editable fields will allow you to create an even more customized experience for your clients, providing them with the exact information they need to reach their goals!

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