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New On Demand Workout Videos Feature

We have recently added an entire “On Demand Workout” video library management feature for trainers and gyms. This On Demand feature allows you to curate a space that your clients can use at any time they want. That is exactly why we call it On Demand!

It will allow you to better serve your clients needs by providing video resources to them. You can organize these resources in whatever way makes sense for you and your business! 

Creating Categories for your On Demand Library

On the website, go into the On Demand item within the libraries tab to access this new feature.

On Demand Workout Feature

From here, you can set up the different categories of videos that you want. You can create, remove, and reorder the categories. These categories could be anything from HIIT to Yoga videos to short encouraging vlogs that you record. Whatever fits your needs and training style! We have made this On Demand Workout Feature as customizable as possible so that you can make it work for you. So organize your videos how you and your clients would like!

Adding an On Demand Video

When you click into a particular category, the web application will show you a similar page seen below. Here you can add your specific videos.

On Demand Workout Library

On this page, you can set a name, description, category and length of your video. It is important that the length be accurate, because your clients will have the ability to filter by length. This can make sure they get a good video for them and their situation. Let’s say they are at the park on their own and only have 15 minutes to do a quick workout video you have created. They can filter by videos that are 15 minutes or less.

Of course, you must also set the url for your video so that the app will display it for your clients. Once this is done and your clients access On Demand on their mobile device, the screen will look like this in their FitSW iOS app and similar in the FitSW Android App

On Demand Workout Library on iOS

This is within that same HIIT category. As mentioned before, they can sort by time and also can search for a particular video or key word.


The On Demand feature is great for providing training videos that you create or curate for your clients to do on their own. Maybe these are for their off-days, vacations, or when you just can’t meet. It is still a way for you to provide value to them without having to spend a bunch of extra time. You can just create your On Demand Library up-front and your clients on the app, will be able to have access to it.

With a little bit of work on the front-end, this tool will improve your business and help you as you scale up by taking on more clients. Start taking advantage of our On Demand Library Tool today!

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