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Exercise Compliance Within Workout

We have just added the ability for fitness coaches to see within workout exercise compliance. Trainers and coaches have been able to see their client’s workout compliance (but not exercise compliance) for a while now. Workout compliance is the number of workouts clients have completed vs those that their trainer assigned. However, now they can look at exercise compliance within a workout. This means they can see how many of the sets and exercises they assigned were actually marked complete by the client. Clients have been able to mark exercises complete for a while now as well. However, this new exercise compliance feature takes this data and displays a summary for the entire workout. The trainer can then view this summary easily.

Tracking compliance can increase client adherence to fitness programs. This new exercise compliance tracker is yet another tool for trainers to keep their clients on track. This is critical to helping clients succeed. This data can be something the trainer points out to show the client why they have been meeting their goals. Additionally, it is something measurable the trainer can have the client focus on improving if they are lacking in this area.

Marking Exercises as Complete

For you to see exercise compliance data within a workout, your clients should mark exercises or sets complete as they complete them. We have discussed how to mark exercises as complete previously but here is a quick refresher. On mobile devices, simply swipe left on the particular exercise (if the workout is in compact mode). Or if the workout is in expanded mode, simply swipe left on the particular set. This will allow the user to then tap a “Complete” button which then marks the exercise or set complete. In addition to compliance tracking, this feature is also great at helping clients remember exactly where they are in their workout.

mark exercise complete for exercise compliance

Viewing Compliance Data

Trainers and clients can view compliance data at by clicking on the particular workout in their workout list. We show an example below in the teal text. Both the percentage of exercises (or sets) completed and the actual ratio of completed exercises (or sets) will be shown. Remember that in compact workout mode, clients can only mark exercises as complete. In expanded workout mode, the client can mark sets within the exercises as complete. So ensure you have your workout set to compact or expanded depending on the level of insights you are looking for.

Exercise Compliance

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