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Personal Trainer Page Feature For Trainers

We recently added the option for personal trainers using FitSW Fitness Software to easily create their own custom Personal Trainer Page on and to choose their own page address at So if your business is called FitnessFirst, you can create your own page at The trainer page feature in FitSW allows you to quickly create a simple professional page that features general information on you, the types of services you offer, your specialties, your certifications, and your contact information. You can then share this page with potential and existing clients that are looking for more information on you. This page also can be shared across multiple social media platforms – there are Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus share links at the top of the Personal Trainer Page for people to share.

Use Your Personal Trainer Page to Grow your Business

Not only can you share your Trainer Page yourself, we have also partnered with one of the existing personal trainer search sites to create a portal helping people searching for personal trainers online. You will soon have the option to list your Trainer Page on that portal for clients searching for trainers.

How to Set It Up

Entering your information to My Page is extremely simple. While logged in, click on the settings icon on the top right corner of your dashboard.

From there, click profile and you will see the following on the left column:

Then click on the fields you would like to update, enter your information, and your Trainer Page will be ready.

Let us know if you have any questions or feature requests for this page.

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