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FindTrainGain Update: July 2020

This month, we are excited to announce a great FindTrainGain update. From calendar integrations to improved search experience, we have implemented a couple great new features designed to not only help with the live fitness class experience overall but we have also implemented a couple things on the FitSW side to help the trainer out.

If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that FindTrainGain has come a long ways since we first announced it.

In this article we will also cover some new FitSW features we have been working on as well.

FindTrainGain Update: New Features

Updated Pricing

We have updated the pricing structure of FindTrainGain. Here is the jist:

For live fitness classes, the instructor gets every bit of every live class transaction besides two small processing fees. Those fees are:

  • Credit Card Processing: 3.9% + $0.30
  • Live Stream Processing fee: 6.1%

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Calendar Integrations

FindTrainGain update: Calendar Integration

At FitSW, one of the biggests things we wanted for FindTrainGain was to make sure it was transparent. As in, it’s easy t keep track of classes and to integrate it into your schedule as easy as possible. With this in mind, we are excited to announce some robust calendar integrations available to those who sign up for live classes through FindTrainGain. Here’s a list of the calendars we integrate with so far:

  • iCalendar
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar

Improved Search Experience

FindTrainGain update: Improved Search Page layout picture

We completely re-structured the search page layout. We added several new sections including:

  • Live Fitness Class categories (Yoga, HIIT, Strength, Cardi, Dance, and other).
  • Upcoming classes by category – simply click on the category bubble and the upcoming classes for that section will populate.
  • Popular online fitness class searches (Affordable Online fitness classes, Upcoming fitness classes, HIIT classes, and Yoga Classes).

Improved Search Filtering

Screenshot of classes available in FindTrainGain

This an important one. Imagine Googling “Chinese food near me” and it pulls up “Plumbers in Russia”? Not fun. Now you can sort by date, price, and live fitness class type pretty simply.

Improved Instructor Discovery

The backbone of FindTrainGain is built on the instructors. As such, we want to make sure the site is structured such that it is easy for instructors to get discovered by new clients and/or those who would like to take their live fitness classes on a regular basis.

Example of a HIIT class in FIndTrainGain

Every single class listing has an “about” button users can click to learn more about the instructor. If they like they see, they can even message the instructor right there on the spot.

About a class and the fitness business running the class in FindTrainGain

Additionally, FindTrainGain users can also see more information about the instructor and the upcoming fitness classes that will be taught by that instructor.

FitSW Update: July 2020

Over the last months, the FitSW team has been really focused on getting this latest FindTrainGain update out. However, that didn’t stop us from adding a couple new changes to the FitSW site as well. We have made some major improvements to a couple core features of FitSW that we are excited about.

Fully Integrated Messaging With Push Notifications

Since we released the new dashboard layout, some of you may have noticed there was a little bell icon in the top right hand corner of the page that did… well nothing. However, now it serves as a fully functional notifications center.

Push Notifications in the FitSW Web App

Now, you’ll get notified whenever you get a message through that little bell icon or “notification center”. The best apart about it? The notification are available on all pages.

Exercise List in FitSW Web App

Now, you and your clients will never miss a beat!

Improved Record Keeping for Live Classes

Live Video Classes list in FitSW

With live fitness classes, you can now see a record of your past live classes. Additionally, under the options column, you can see a record of the participants in your past classes as well.

View Participants in your Live Fitness Classes

Have any Feedback on this FindTrainGain Update?

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