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FitSW Personal Trainer App Android Updates

FitSW Personal Trainer App Android Updates

We recently released a new version of our Android App that includes a ton of new features.  These personal trainer app android updates include the following:

  • Call, text, and Email Personal Training Clients from within the app
  • Fitness Progress Graph Navigation Improvements
  • Improved Workout layout when listing exercises with multiple reps & weights.
  • Personal & Client Profile Pictures
  • Demo Exercise Video viewing Improvements
  • Create client accounts without requiring email
  • Several Other Usability improvements and bug fixes
  • Workout Interval Timer

Below is a bit more detail of these improvements along with some screen shots.

Call, text, and Email Personal Training Clients.

You can now contact your personal training clients any way you would like from within the FitSW Android app at the push of a button.

Personal Trainer App Android Contact Clients
Call, Text, or Email your clients quickly from within the Android App

Fitness Progress Graph Navigation Improvements

We have made it easier for you and your clients to navigate the Fitness Progress Graph menu screens.  To add new data, click the plus symbol in the upper right.  From that screen, you can also edit your assessments or add new ones as needed.

Personal Trainer App Android Fitness Progress Graphs
You can now add new data by clicking the plus in the upper right. From there you can edit or add assessments as well.

Improved Workout layout for Exercises with Multiple Reps & Weights

Instead of being separated by commas, we now have the multiple rep / weight exercises display this info vertically.

Personal Trainer App Android Workout Display
Multiple Rep / Weight exercises now list this information vertically to improve the layout.

Personal & Client Profile Pictures

Personal Trainers and their clients are able to add profile pictures at and in the iOS app.  We have now added the ability for users to view these profile images in the android app.  The ability to upload in the android app is coming soon.

Personal Trainer App Android Profile Pictures
Profile pictures are now displayed in the Android app.

Demo Exercise Video Viewing Improvements

For demo videos that are on YouTube, the demo link will create some space below the exercise to show the video right there in the Workout Details screen.  For videos not on YouTube and other links, the demo link will open a new page that is easy to view in the browser.

Create Client Accounts Without Requiring Email

This is for cases where you have a client that won’t be logging into the system but you would still like to manage their data through the app.  For this case, you don’t need to create a login account for the client – you just need to create a client in the system that you can view.  We have made it easy to create clients this way if needed using the switches in the upper right.

Personal Trainer App Android Client Accounts
Toggle the switches in the upper right to configure whether your personal training clients should have a login.

Workout Interval Timer

The new workout interval timer allows you and your client to stay on track with your workout.  Another updated to FitSW’s personal trainer app Android.

Personal Trainer App Android Workout Interval Timer
Keep your clients on track during their workout with our new interval Timer.

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