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FitSW Updates From May.

May was yet another busy month for the FitSW team. We have added new features, made other featured better, made general usability improvements to our apps, and made a couple small changes to the FindTrainGain site. In this article we will go over all of the FitSW updates from May.

Improved Prospecting Through Trainer Pages and FindTrainGain.

We have given trainers the ability to separate their clients from prospective clients. Now, prospective clients reach you through either your trainer page or on FindTrainGain.

FitSW Updates From May - Image of new chat widget available on FitSW Trainers Pages.
Figure 1. New messenger button on trainer pages.

This is a demo trainer page (figure 1). Notice the chat bubble on the bottom right? Now prospective clients who are viewing your trainer page and click that and message your directly. No more filling out forms or having to scrape your page for contact info. It there, easy to access.

Besides that, messages sent this way will land in your FitSW account rather then going to your email, keeping everything as organized as possible.

FitSW Updates From May - Image of segmenting prospective clients from current clients in the FitSW messenger.
Figure 2. New and improved messenger.

Here is what the updated messenger looks like (figure 2). Notice the “Prospects” and “Clients” tabs at the top of the messenger window? Prospects are people who are not clients yet and have messaged you through the messenger on your trainer page OR through FindTrainGain. When a prospect messages you, their message will appear under the prospects tab in the messenger with their contact info and name as well. Here is what the chat option looks like on FindTrainGain:

Each trainer card has a “chat” button prospects can click. when clicked, a message window opens:

Oh ya, did we forget to mention we redesigned the cards that display trainer profiles in FindTrainGain? Oops. Well anyway, each card now comes with a “chat” option with it as well. Regardless of the source, whether prospective clients are messaging your through your trainer page on through FindTrainGain, they will all come through to the same place.

Added “Pan Through” Feature to Live Classes.

One thing we want all trainers to be able to do is see all of their clients perform exercises over live online classes. However, we really can only display up to six video feeds at a time because any more then that drastically degrades the video and quality and is hard on most computers.

As a result, we implemented a “pan through” feature. With this feature, you can set the number of video feeds you want to display and then click and drag on a little toggle icon to display the next set of video feeds.

For example, if you set the video feed to display 3 feeds and you have 30 class participants, you can click and drag to cycle through 3 video feeds at a time until you go through the entire class. This way, you cans see everyone.

The FindTrainGain Elite Trainer Badge.

We also implemented an “elite trainer” badge on FindTrainGain that helps trainers who have purchased the Elite Trainer page stick out on the FindTrainGain listings. While not a huge change, it can help you gain that extra edge over other trainers.

Multi-time Zone Support.

We have made many improvements to the time-zone settings in FitSW. Now clients can be in one timezone and trainers can be in a totally different timezone and the time will sync across all accounts to ensure seamless accuracy. When you login, we automatically detect the timezone you’re in and base messages and scheduling off of this.

New iOS Release.

Now, on our iOS apps, you can set times for task and nutrition plans and add them to your calendar. Making it easier for you as the trainer to keep client compliance at an all time high. Now you can add these events to your calendar on the fly from your iOS device.

New Android Sorting Improvements.

With a recent release, we have made improvements to our android apps. Now you can sort workout, task, and nutrition lists by date or alphabetically. Making it easier to find what you are looking for.

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