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Fitbit Personal Trainer Software Integration

We are excited to announce FitSW’s Fitbit personal trainer software integration. This allows you as the trainer to view your clients’ fitness data if they grant you access. Therefore, it is yet another way for you to gain a complete picture of your client’s health and fitness in order to better help them meet their goals. Additionally, this capability also allows clients to view their Fitbit data directly in the FitSW app so that everything is in one place. Sounds awesome, right? Let’s get into how to set this up.

Connecting Fitbit Data to the FitSW App

There are two ways to connect your client’s Fitbit data to the FitSW app. First, you can initiate as the trainer by having our system send your client a special link. Second, you can just have your clients initiate the connection themselves through their settings page on

Initiating Fitbit Connection as a Trainer

1) Login to with your personal trainer account.

2) Click on the specific client’s name, whose data you would like to connect to FitSW. Consequently, you will then be on the Edit Client page.

fitbit personal trainer software integration

3) In the lower right there is a label for “Third Party Integrations”. Specifically, click the button underneath it called “Email Client to Connect Fitbit to FitSW”.

4) Your clients will receive an email with a link. When they click that link, their browser will take them to the Fitbit website where they can log in to allow the connection.

Initiating Fitbit Connection as a Client

As a client, you could simply wait for your trainer to send you the email link to connect your Fitbit. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can initiate the connection yourself right away. Here is how:

1) Login to

2) Click on your profile picture in the upper right and then click “Settings”

fitbit personal trainer software clients

3) On your Settings page, click on the button towards the bottom called “Connect Fitbit”.

fitbit personal trainer software settings

4) Your browser will take you to the Fitbit website where you can log in in order to connect your data to FitSW.

That is all you have to do in order to allow your Fitbit data to be imported to FitSW. Your Fitbit personal trainer software integration is complete. Finally, let’s move on now to how trainers and clients can view that data.

Viewing Fitbit Data

Once your client’s Fitbit account is connected to their FitSW account, all the key data will be automatically imported and synced into FitSW. This means that trainers and clients can view it on the website, iOS app, or Android app. Here is how you view it from the website.

Viewing Fitbit Data as a Trainer

1) In your client list, click the Wearable Data Graphs button for the specific client you would like to view.

wearable data button

2) You will then see the below screen which will include data from the user’s Fitbit if it was connected properly.

fitbit data display

Viewing Fitbit Data as a Client

Your client can see that same data themselves by clicking the “Progress” -> “Wearable Health” menu item as seen below.

clients access fitbit data

This same data is now available on the latest version of our Android App. It will also be available in the next release of our iOS app.

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