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Exercise Library Links Feature

FitSW’s exercise list has nearly 1000 exercises complete with demonstration gifs and videos. Now you can send exercise library links for specific exercises to others.

The exercise list makes it easy for personal trainers to build workouts. They can quickly search this exercise library as they are building workouts. They don’t need to manually create every exercise in a workout. Trainers can also access this exercise library even if they are not logged in by visiting The new feature added to this exercise list allows you to send links to specific exercises. These links will automatically pull up the specific link when the user opens the link.

This can be helpful if you want to send a fellow trainer an exercise they haven’t utilized before. Or if you want to send a prospective client without a FitSW account yet, an example of an exercise. You can send these links in the format and it will automatically pull up that specific exercise as shown below.

exercise library links

Sending Exercise Library Links

So how do you get the links to send specific exercise library links? It’s Simple! Just open up the exercise list and click on the specific exercise. You will see the “Copy Exercise Link” button in green as shown above. Click that button and you will then have the link saved in your Copy-Paste buffer. From there you can send it easily.

When your recipient clicks that link, they will be taken to the exercise list with the specific exercise displayed. They won’t need to log in or signup for an account. They can see it as is.

The above is helpful for sending specific exercises and doesn’t require a login. However, the FitSW workout builder gives you a ton of power in addition to this exercise list. You can create entire sequences of these exercises integrated into a complete workout. You can include sets, reps, weight, rest time, and more. Additionally, you can create supersets, giant sets, and guided workouts. If you don’t have an account yet, you can access the workout builder by creating a free account.

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