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How To Create A Meal Plan For Clients

When running a personal training business, there a multitude of things you have to do in order to be successful. It can difficult to manage all of the marketing, consultations, workout building, and meal planning. Even with the use of personal trainer software, running a fitness business is no easy task. A big part of many trainers’ fitness programs is meal plans. Nutrition plans can help your clients reach their goals faster, as you won’t have to worry about them losing their progress once they go to a restaurant. We’ll go over how to create a meal plan for clients and how it can help your clients further their progress.

Initial Assessment For Your New Clients

If you are working with a new client, you’ll want to get to know their food preferences, any allergies they have, and take into account their overall goals before creating a meal plan for them. You want to ensure that the meal plan you create for them is going to contribute to the success of their fitness journey. Sit down with them and go over their nutrition history. This will enable you to create the best meal plan for your clients possible.

Help Them Understand The Importance of Meal Prepping

If your clients are just beginning to eat healthier or are struggling to stick to their nutrition programs, meal prepping could be your answer. Meal prepping makes eating healthy a whole lot easier. Your clients won’t have to continuously make meals throughout the week. They’ll spend a few hours one day per week (we recommend on Sunday) creating healthy and portioned meals. To start out, give them a simple and cheap meal plan ideas.

Create Realistic Meal Plans

Creating over-complicated nutrition plans can make everyone’s life harder. Not only will they be harder to program, but they also will be much harder for your clients to adhere to. Start with a simple meal plan, something short such as 7 days. After this, you can begin to program more complicated meal plans based on your client’s fitness goals, though make it simple at the start.

Using the nutrition feature in FitSW, you can easily assign simplified nutrition plans for clients to follow in hitting macro goals. All you have to do is set the totals for macros you want your clients to consume throughout the day. They then just have to click on the icons to fill out the macros as they consume them.

Otherwise, you can create detailed nutrition plans with all the specific foods you suggest your client consume. This feature makes it easy to send your clients meal plans and keep track of how they are doing in completing them.

Adjust Them Over Time

Following up with your clients to see how the meal plans are working for them is crucial to the longevity of both their meal plans and fitness programs. See what they like about the meal plans, what they dislike, and everything in between. Also, remind them that roadblocks are normal for everyone. If they are really struggling to stay on track, try something different. Making sure your client’s meal plans fit them as closely as possible, which adjusting them over time will help, will ensure they are getting the best experience possible.

Example Meal Plan For Clients

Example Meal Plans For Clients

Below you can find some examples of meal plans! Remember that your meal plans should be specifically made for your client’s fitness goals, though we hope this can be a good start/inspiration for you!

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