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How To Hold Clients Accountable – Personal Training

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There are so many reasons that personal training clients hire fitness professionals to help them on their fitness journey. Whether it is to have personalized workouts, meal plans, enhanced progress tracking, or to motivate them, personal trainers offer so many advantages compared to working out alone. Additionally, a personal trainer who knows how to hold clients accountable can have a lot of success in the personal training industry.

Give Your Clients Homework

Giving your clients homework is a tremendously powerful tool when you are trying to hold them accountable. After your sessions, your client still has more than 20 hours to do whatever they please. Giving them homework will ensure that they are staying on-track outside of the gym. Additionally, this will add more value to your clients, as you are making their fitness journey even more personalized. You should give your clients homework that aligns with their goals and what they hope to achieve. Homework such as running up a flight of stairs 2 times, doing 20 seconds of step-ups, or even just doing some modified pull-ups can add a lot of value to your training and will help you hold your clients accountable.

Motivate Your Clients

Motivating your clients can help you in many different ways, especially if you are trying to hold them accountable. If they are motivated, they will want to stay on-track more than an unmotivated individual. Additionally, there are many different ways to motivate your personal training clients. Each one of your clients is different, but finding a way to motivate them is a great way to ensure they stay on-track when they are not with you.

Keep Logs Of Workouts & Nutrition

workout logs to increase client accountability and motivation

Keeping track of what your clients are eating and how their workouts are going is a vital tool for holding them accountable. If you do not know how they are progressing or what they are eating, then you cannot hold them accountable when they are straying away from their fitness plan. FitSW offers you the ability to see Complete, Not Met, or Not Met for every workout, task, diet, and event that you create. This makes it easy to keep track of your clients progress and whether or not they are performing up to their standards. Furthermore, FitSW shows percentages for each of these categories so it’s even easier to keep track of your clients data.

Be Consistent & Organized

Consistency can greatly help you to hold clients accountable, as it is easy to see differences from week to week. For example, training at the same time every session will make it clear when your clients miss a session. Having paper forms can make it hard to be organized, so we would recommend investing in a personal trainer software. Both you and your clients can use these softwares and they make organizing your fitness business easier than ever.

FitSW Can Help You Hold Clients Accountable

FitSW Can Help You Hold Clients Accountable

FitSW offers you all of the tools that you need to hold your clients accountable. You have the ability to:

  • Progress Tracking Graphs – FitSW has graphs for both assessment data and exercise history. This enables you to track your clients’ progress comprehensively. Additionally, these graphs will show you the complete history of your client’s data, meaning you can dive deep into the data and how your clients accountable if they aren’t performing up to their previous sessions.
  • Workout Builder / Programs – Not only does FitSW have a detailed workout builder, but we also recently released a brand new workout program feature! You can create detailed fitness plans for your clients for up to 365 days! Plus, you can edit them at any time and see the results as soon as your client enters it!
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning – If you want to hold clients accountable, it is important to monitor and guide their nutrition. FitSW offers a comprehensive and detailed nutrition planner. Additionally, you can add your nutrition plan to their workout program. This makes it easy to stay organized when created your fitness plans!

Feedback On How To Hold Clients Accountable!

We want to help you grow your personal training business and hold your clients accountable! From the day FitSW was founded, our goal has been to help personal trainers grow their client base. We offer a “Trainer of the Month” promotion in which we select one trainer a month and share their stories with the world! All you need to do is email and answer the questions they provide you! It’s that simple! Once you are chosen, we will post all of your information to our blog and social media accounts. If you would like an example, please check out this featured personal trainer article! Additionally, if you have any other feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or on our support page!

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