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Managing Personal Training Clients Contact Info iOS App

Managing Personal Training Clients Contact Information

We recently added the ability for personal trainers to save their clients phone contact information.  This is another piece of info to better help trainers with managing personal training clients and their contact information.  This is in addition to all the other personal training client information FitSW helps you organize: client email, their date of birth, goals, likes, dislikes, injuries, conditions, PAR-Q and more.  We have also made it easy for you to contact your clients at the tap of a button.  With our Easy Contact buttons, you can contact your personal training clients just by clicking a button within the app.

Using the Easy Contact Buttons

First, ensure that you have entered a valid phone number for your client in the “Edit Client Info” screen.  Then just click any button and your phone will call them, email them or text message them.  You don’t have to type in any phone number or email.  The app automatically pulls this information from when you had created or edited the client.

Managing Personal Training Clients Contact Information
You can now Call, Email, or Text Message your clients from within the app with the click of a button.

Other Updates to the FitSW iOS App

In addition to the Easy Contact buttons that make communicating with your clients easier and faster, we also made the following improvements in this latest FitSW iOS release:

  1. We made it easier to upload a client’s profile image when you are adding a new client.
  2. Personal Trainers can now choose whether they want to create an account for a client.  Most personal trainers create an account for their clients so their clients can log in and view their workouts, progress, & diets.  However, there are some clients who either don’t use technology very much or they just want the trainer to show this information to them when they are together.  For this situation, we have given trainers the option to create clients without requiring a login and password.   You can see this button in the below image – its called “Create Login Account”.
  3. Personal Trainers can now also choose whether a new client they create will receive an automated email notifying them of their account creation. This is a welcome email that includes the clients account login.  Sometimes personal trainers would rather introduce FitSW to their clients in person.  This can also be seen in the below image with the button called “Send Welcome Email”.
Managing Persona Training Clients Adding New Client
Personal Trainers can now choose whether they want to create a login for their new client. They can also choose whether they want clients to receive an automated welcome email.

All these features will help you at managing personal training clients and all of their information that comes with it.  Let us know if you have any other suggestions to make your jobs easier.

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