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Fitness Progress Photo Comparison in the iOS App

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison in the iOS App

Personal Trainers can now easily create fitness progress photo comparison side-by-side images of their clients in the FitSW iOS app.  These fitness picture comparison images are a great way to show a client how far they have come.  The visual results really help to drive home what all those hours in the gym have accomplished in a single side-by-side image.  Creating these images quickly was already possible at and we have now added this feature to our iOS app.  Here is a quick background on how to do it:

Take and Store Fitness Progress Photos

To get started, first you need to take and save a few fitness progress photos of your personal training client.   These images will then be in your client’s FitSW picture library and you can compare them at any time in the iOS app or at

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison Picture Library
Save any type of client progress picture to your clients photo library. Then you can select which images to compare.

Creating Side-by-Side Fitness Progress Photo Comparisons

The next step is to tap the Comparisons tab at the top.  If you haven’t created any comparison photos yet, you will just see a black screen.  To add a new comparison, tap the Plus button in the upper right while you are on the Comparisons tab.

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison Add Comparison
Add a comparison picture by tapping the plus highlighted in red in this picture.

You will then be taken to a screen that says “Select First Image” at the top.  On this page, you can select your first fitness progress image that you want to compare.

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison Select First Image
After tapping the “+” while on the Comparisons tab, you will be taken to this screen which allows you to Select the first Image to compare.

Tap on the image you would like to compare. The app will prompt you to select the second fitness progress image to compare.

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison Created

The FitSW app will then create your side-by-side fitness comparison photo and save it in your Comparisons tab.

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison Created
You have now created your fitness progress photo comparison.  The FitSW app has saved it in your specific clients comparisons tab.

Tap on the image to enlarge it and explore additional options.

Fitness Progress Photo Comparison Viewing
Viewing the fitness progress comparison image. On this screen you can also save the image to your phone’s photo library.

You can create multiple side-by-side fitness comparison photos for your personal training clients using this method.  The FitSW iOS app will save these comparison images in the specific clients “Comparisons” tab.

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