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FitSW Android App Coming This Month

New FitSW Android App

Blog Post Update: The FitSW Android App is now on the Google Play Store here.  See more details here in this newer blog post.

This month, we will be releasing a new FitSW Android app to complement our FitSW website app and our FitSW iOS App. The app will have the same functionality of the FitSW iOS App to start. Going forward we will continue to upgrade both iOS and Android with new features. Please let us know the features you find most important. We will take that into account while deciding what to add first. You can let us know via email at or in the comments section below.

FitSW Android App Beta Testers Wanted

Are you eager to try out the app?  We are looking for beta testers for the FitSW Android App.  As a beta tester, you would get the first look and be able to try it while providing us feedback to improve.  Let us know if you are interested in becoming a beta tester by signing up in the Google Play Store.

13 thoughts on “FitSW Android App Coming This Month

  • Vladimir Chouloute

    I would love to be a beta tester for the android app

    • Hi Vladimir, send us an email at and we will send over the beta for you to try.

  • Deana Duquesne

    I’m quite interested in becoming a Beta tester!

  • Robbie Richardson

    I would like to beta test android app

    (Since I have an android phone, that’s the only reason I haven’t gone full throttle on using this software and getting a premium account)

  • Marcus Rose

    Yes I would like to be a Beta tester.

  • Carlos Granadeiro

    I am very interested in beta testing your software for Android.

  • Marvyn

    I would like to beta test

  • Staci Sipaila

    Have you released the Android app yet??

    • Jessica

      Yes we have released it. It can be found here. Please let us know any feedback or improvement requests that you have.

  • Chris McMiller

    I would like to beta test


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