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New Messaging Center for Personal Trainers and Gyms

Introducing the New Messaging Center for Personal Trainers! We are excited to bring all you personal trainers, fitness coaches, and gym managers our brand new Messaging Center. As you know, this year we have really expanded the capabilities of our in-app messager for personal trainers. From the message attachments feature to the scheduled messages feature, our messaging system for fitness coaches is quite powerful.

Easy to Use Built-in Communication with your Clients

This messaging center for personal trainers now includes a new easier to use interface that allows personal trainers to quickly message any of their clients. Everything is now displayed in a clearly organized messaging window. This allows fitness coaches to stay on the page they were working on and then click the Chat icon in the upper-right. The Chat window will overlay what they were currently working on. This prevents them from losing their place but still allows them to message clients right there. They don’t have to leave their current page or work.

Use Group Chat to Make Fitness Fun and Social

As if that weren’t enough, we also have created Group Chats. A trainer can create a chat group with multiple clients where everyone can chat in a group setting. Talk about making training groups of clients fun and social! That is what we were going for here where trainers can create a place for them to communicate with their clients but also allow clients to encourage each other. It’s the perfect place to share motivational messages and offer encouragement.

Trainers can create groups with all of their clients, a select few, or whatever combination they would like. All members of the group chat can then communicate with each other. In addition, fitness coaches can create multiple groups if they would like.

Broadcast Informational Updates to Many Clients at Once

Of course, we still allow the functionality of a trainer messaging a client 1-on-1. You also still have the ability to send a “Broadcast Message” to clients. A broadcast message is a message where the personal trainer sends a message to many clients all at once but a group is not created. This would be ideal for an update the trainer wants to send to multiple clients but doesn’t want or expect group responses. We have built this new messaging center for personal trainers in a way that gives you maximum flexibility to run your business communications the way that you want to. As always, these messages are sent via push notification to your and your client’s phones that have app installed.

Messaging for Gyms with Broadcast Feature

Gym Messaging and Communication with Clients

Pretty cool, huh? But wait, there’s more! We have now also majorly upgraded the messaging center for gyms as well. If you are a gym manager, you know how important communication is with your clients. Well, FitSW now has a complete and amazing messaging system for you completely built-in. A gym can now message using these same messaging center features plus they can message any combination of people – personal trainers and/or clients in any combination they would like. Communication just became awesome for gyms on the FitSW platform. Message with your trainers, message with your clients, or message both all in one single platform. Message via broadcast, via group chat or 1-on-1.

Messaging Center for Personal Trainer Group Messaging

The trainers that work at your gym can also now message each other, message the gym manager, message clients, message whoever. I could go on and on about who can message who but this article would get boring with all the different iterations. Instead, I’ll encourage you to go try it and summarize: everyone can message everyone!

We think we have built the most comprehensive gym messaging system and personal trainer messaging center out there for personal training apps. If there is something you want us to add, please reach out and let us know. We are working on releasing all these features to our iOS and Android apps. So please stay tuned!

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