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FitSW iOS App: Total Diet Macros Display, Sorting Workouts & more

FitSW iOS App Updates: Total Diet Macros Display, Sorting Workouts & more

We released FitSW iOS app updates this week that include Total Diet Macros Display, the ability to decide the order that  “To Be Completed” workouts are displayed, improved searching for when you are adding exercises / foods to workouts / diets, and the ability to automatically email tasks / goals.  We also added in several other display and usability improvements as well as bug fixes.  Here is a more detailed description of the features that will improve you and your clients personal training experience:

Total Diet Macros Display

You or your personal training clients can see the Total Diet Macros for each diet.  The app automatically calculates these real-time as you build diets for your clients.

At the top of each of your personal training client's diets, you can see the Total Diet Macros Display which is automatically calculated for you.
The FitSW iOS app now calculates and displays Total Diet Macros Display for each diet at the top of the screen.  

Sorting Workout Display

In the “To Be Completed” tab of your personal training client’s Workouts, the default ordering is descending by date.  This works for most of our users but some users have requested to have the ordering be ascending by date.  So we have added the ability for you to set the ordering you would prefer in the profile tab.  This setting will also affect Diets and Tasks.  You can set your preference and your clients can their own preference if they would like.  To change your preference, go to your profile tab, flip the switch shown below and click update.

You can now choose the display order for your workouts, tasks, and events on your profile tab. Total Diet Macros Display as well.
You can now choose the display order for your workouts, tasks, and events on your profile tab.

Improved Search Boxes for Exercises and Foods

The iOS11 release impacted the display of search boxes for Exercises and Foods. We have now increased the sizes and display of the search boxes to make it easier to search for the right exercises or foods to add to your workouts or diets.

Tasks / Goals Updates

We have now added the ability for personal trainers to add additional notes to each Task or Goal.  In addition, we have added an “Email Task” button.  This allows you to automatically email your client’s tasks the same way as you can for their workouts or diets. 

Usability Improvements, Display Improvements & Bug fixes

We have listened to your feedback to improve the usability and display of the app in addition to fixing any bugs you may have encountered.  Please keep the suggestions coming.

3 thoughts on “FitSW iOS App: Total Diet Macros Display, Sorting Workouts & more

  • Mike West

    I would like to be a le to upload more forms that my clients can print off or fill out. I also want to be able to attach my own assessment forms to each of my client, so I can keep track of their progress.

    • Ok, you currently can upload forms on the website but we are working on enabling you to upload additional ones. We are also working on enabling this in our mobile apps as well. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • We have now added an additional form field that you can upload for each of your clients. On the website, just go to the particular client and edit their info. At the bottom of the “Edit Client Info” page you will see a place where you can upload contracts and below that a place where you can upload other types of forms. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you


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