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Online Personal Trainer Forms – Create Your Own

We have added a new feature recently that allows trainers to build their own online personal trainer forms and documents right into the FitSW website and app. Personal Trainers can build things like online personal training contracts, onboarding forms, physical activity readiness questionnaires, and more. These forms can even contain the ability for your clients to e-sign. Once the trainer builds the form, the trainer can assign it to their clients at the push of a button. After that, the client will receive a notification that prompts them to complete the form. This all makes onboarding clients and managing their forms extremely easy.

Building Your Own Custom Contracts and Forms

Creating or Editing a Form

The first step to building your own custom contracts and forms is to click on “Custom Forms” underneath the “Libraries” menu. There you will see there is already a PAR-Q form that FitSW has created for you. You can use this existing form, edit it, or remove it completely. To edit it, simply click on the name and you will see a screen where you can edit the questions in the form.

Creating your own custom contracts and forms

You can also create a brand new form by clicking the “Create New Form” button. You will then be asked to name your form and then be taken to a form builder page. In the below image we are creating a New Client Contract form.

Create New Client Contract

Adding Questions or Statements to a Custom Form

After we have created the form, we can then add questions or content to the form by clicking the “Add new question” button. We have made it extremely flexible so that you can add any type of question or statement. You can create a question that has a text field for entry, a Yes / No question, a signature field, or even just a statement. Below is an example of us adding statement portions of the New Client Contract.

Online Personal Trainer Form Add Question

As you are adding all your questions or statements, you can edit or reorder as needed. Below is what our final form now looks like after adding statements, name, signature, and date fields. We are now ready to assign it to clients.

Finished Online Personal Trainer form.

Assigning an Custom Form to Your Clients

Assign Forms through Client Info Page

To assign a custom form that you have created, simply go to your trainer dashboard and click on the client that you would like to assign the form to. Under a section called “Custom Forms” (as seen below), you will be able to assign the form to that client.

Assigning Custom Personal trainer forms

How Your Clients View Forms

Once they are assigned a custom form, your client will receive a notification. Below is what that notification will look like on the website.

Client Notification of New Custom Form Assigned.

When the client clicks the “view” button, they will be taken to the specific form. They can also access their forms from a “Form” tab on their menu bar.

What Clients See When Viewing a Form

Your clients will see the form you created as seen below. They will be able to answer fields, add dates, and sign contracts as needed. Their answers will be saved for you to review.


We all know that trainers have multiple forms that they have their clients fill out. There is the PAR-Q, the Personal Training Contract, and many trainers have other forms they like to use for a variety of reasons. However, with dozens of clients, it becomes quite a hassle to manage all these forms. That is why we have created this new feature for online personal trainer forms.

This Custom Forms feature allows you to create or edit your own custom forms, assign them to clients, have your clients fill them out online, and then store them online without keeping track of a bunch of paperwork. This completely simplifies personal trainer forms for both you as the trainer and your clients.

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