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Tracking Personal Training Clients’ Workouts

In our last post, we talked about our new completion tracker dashboard in your client lists. In our latest iOS and Android app releases, we have enabled tracking personal training clients’ workouts even easier. We have added this tracking information to the screen where you view a particular client’s workout, diet, or task list. The app displays this immediately below the personal training clients name. This allows you to have a summary of how your fitness coaching client is doing right there on their workout, diet, or task page. Your clients will also see this summary which will help keep them on track.

Tracking Personal Training Clients Workouts Example
We have added a new completion status bar to each client’s workout, task, and diets page for you and your clients to monitor progress.

Workout Completion Percentage Summary

You and your fitness coaching client can tell how they are doing with just a glance at the completion bar. The size of the green bar will show the percentage of how many workouts (or tasks or diets) your clients have marked as complete. Orange represents workouts that users have designated as “Not Met”. The Grey portion of the bar represents workouts that are still classified as open. Tracking personal training clients’ workouts just got even easier.

Tracking Personal Training Clients Detailed Numbers

Below the progress bar the app displays additional details on these workout completion stats. On the left, just above the Completed tab is the exact percentage in green of completed workouts. Next to it in parenthesis is the actual number of completed workouts. To the right, above the “Not Met” tab and in orange are the number for workouts classified as not met. Lastly, on the right side above the “Open” tab are the “Open” workouts numbers in grey. These numbers help to provide you and your clients with a complete picture of how a client is doing with respect to getting their workouts, diets, or tasks done. It makes tracking personal training clients’ workouts, diets, and tasks easier for both you and your clients.

Changes To Note

We did re-order the “Open”, “Complete”, and “Not Met” tabs in order to have them line up with the percentages and progress bar in a way that made sense. “Complete” is now first, then “Not Met”, and finally “Open”. We changed this from the way we previously laid out the tabs, because fits better with the completion bar. The default tab shown when accessing the workout, diet or tasks screen is still the “Open” one.

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