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Custom Personal Trainer Software Update

We have added quite a few features recently that allow trainers to customize things like their own FitSW webpage. Additionally, trainers can specify the services they offer, their own welcome videos, and more. Given all these new custom personal trainer software features, we have now added a page specifically dedicated to making customizations. This page is called “Customization”. Trainers can access it by clicking on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner when logged in. See the below image.

personal trainer software customization

Customized Trainer Web Page

The first tab on the Customization page is for Trainer Page & Custom App. Here you can customize what your trainer page looks like, its content, and more. It’s your very own webpage that you can customize with just a few clicks. This tab also lets you customize your custom web app as well. The custom personal trainer software features ensure your customers and potential customer see you and your brand.

Location, Availability, & Contact

In the Location, Availability, & Contact section you can specify 1st the web address of your own personalize trainer page. Additionally, you can specify your location and specific contact information or social media information you want to share.

personal trainer software customization location


In the Branding section, you can specify a Headline for your trainer webpage along with your logo. If you need help creating a logo, here is an excellent logo maker. Additionally, you can specify any welcome videos you want your clients to see. Users see these when they first log in to or your custom app. Finally, you can purchase a custom app to further show off your very own app with all the features of FitSW. All these things are great for strengthening your brand.

Template Customization

Here you can choose which template you want to use for your custom trainer page. You can also select your own custom colors to further customize your personal trainer page. Finally, you can choose what to show on your trainer web page, from your contact information to client testimonials.

personal trainer page customization

Trainer Page Content

In the trainer page content section, you can specify images that you want to display for each section of your trainer page. You can also set the section titles, the rest of the section content, and add client testimonials.

Trainer Page Services

This section allows you to customize what services you offer and include an image for each one. This is perfect if you offer multiple services. For example, say you offer personal training, nutritional coaching, and yoga session. You can include an image and description of each to go in this services section.

Email Customization

For additional custom personal trainer software features, there is also another tab at the top of the Customization dashboard. This one is called “Email Customization”. This tab allows you to customize what your welcome email says. This is the automated email that is sent to clients when you create their accounts. You can completely customize that on this page.

custom emails

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