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Collecting Client Payments as a Personal Trainer using FitSW

UPDATE: Accepting Client Payments is now available for all trainers to use.   

Collecting client payments as a Personal Trainer will soon be possible on  You will be able to request payments from your clients on FitSW and your clients will be able to pay you securely with a credit card through our familiar FitSW platform.  We are looking for beta testers now for these features and expect to have them fully released by this Spring.  If you are interested in being a beta tester, please email us at or respond in the comments section below.

Collecting Client Payments as a Personal Trainer on FitSW
FitSW will enable you to accept secure credit card payments from your clients on our platform.

Credit Card Payments from Clients

Collecting client payments as a Personal Trainer can sometimes be a hassle.  Tracking which ones paid, when they paid, how much they paid and how many sessions they have left can all take up a lot of your valuable time.  As a personal trainer you should be able to spend most of your work-time doing what you like: personal training!

I’m sure many of you also have clients that prefer to pay via credit card and that can also make things difficult if you don’t have a setup that allows this or if it’s a complicated setup.  We have received requests from our personal trainer users to enable them to accept payments through our website.  Coming this Spring we will be enabling this feature to allow you to accept and track payments all through our site.  This means:

  1. No more complicated setups – this feature will be built into the FitSW website for you to access at anytime.
  2. No more sending clients to a different website.  Clients can easily make a secure payment on the FitSW platform they are familiar with.
  3. You can also track all your payments and session information within FitSW

These are just a few details of the Client Payments feature that we are adding.  We would love to hear your feedback on what additional features you would like to see.

14 thoughts on “Collecting Client Payments as a Personal Trainer using FitSW

  • Ebony Parks

    I’m interested

  • Andrew

    Will there be a % that FitSW will charge?

    • We are still working out the details with our payment provider on this percentage but will let you know shortly.

  • June Joseph

    I’m interested in being a beta tester!

  • Claire

    This is good news and has been the only barrier from moving all clients from my existing app. Looking forward to it being up and running

  • It would be nice to include a timer so that when I plan a HIIT or circuit or Tabata routine for a client they click on it and see the name of the exercise and the timer below so that they don’t have to download a timer and leave the app to perform the routine and can keep up with it smoothly without having to remember what comes next. That would be awesome!!! Thanks!

  • Nicole Langel

    I’m interested.

    • Hi Nicole, you can now try this by logging into your account on and clicking on the “Payments” link in the top menu. Let us know any feedback you have.

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  • Liam McIntyre

    Is there a way of setting up a fixed term payment plan? For example, selling a 4 week program for $40 But having it paid in installments over the 4 weeks so you don’t have to keep following up clients. That way you can create a full program and have it sent and not have to worry about chasing up the money for the program.

    • Jessica

      Hi Liam,

      We are currently working on implementing this into our software! Hopefully, we can roll it out in the next few updates. I’ll reach out to you once it is live on the site!


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