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Personal Training Invoices Feature

You now have the ability to send personal training invoices to your clients directly through FitSW at the click of a button. This is yet another personal trainer payment feature that is available on your financials dashboard. Specifically, you can access this through the Invoices tab and then create invoices for anything you’d like. You can create invoices for Packages, Custom Payments, a certain number of sessions, Subscriptions or Products/Merchandise. This is yet another way that we are making it as easy as possible for personal trainers and studios to get paid.

Create a Personal Training Invoice

To begin creating an invoice, go to your Financials dashboard and then the Invoices tab. After that, click the Create Invoice button. Subsequently, a window like the one seen below will pop-up.

personal training invoices

In this Invoice Editor window, you will be able to choose what type of item you want to invoice for. It could be any thing that you offer. For instance, it could be a Package, Subscription, Merchandise, a number of Sessions, or even just a custom payment amount. Similarly, in the field below that, you can select the specific item you want to bill for. In addition, below you can specify the Quantity of those items you want to bill for.

The last field lets you select the client that you want to send the invoice to. What if it is a new client that isnt in the FitSW platform yet? No problem. You can just click the “Send invoice to non-client” checkbox and you will be able to enter a new email address. This will send the invoice to the new client and have a link for them to make a payment which will automatically create them an account on FitSW if you would like it to!

What Happens After Creating an Invoice

After you create an invoice, your client will get an email with the invoice. They will see what they are invoiced for and the amount to pay. They will be able to click a link in the email that will take them right to a page for them to pay the invoice. It will look similar to below:

personal trainer invoice

The client can make this payment right on that page and they will be all set. The money will be on its way to you! If the client didn’t already have a FitSW account, they will have a field to enter their name. Once they click Pay Now, they will then have an account created.

Tracking Client Invoices

Tracking your personal training invoices is just as easy as creating them. Simply, go to your Invoices tab and you will see a list of all of your invoices similar to what is below.

The invoices will show whether they are “Open” or “Paid“. You can also email invoice reminder emails, edit the invoices, or remove them.

Adding Payment Notes

Related to payments, you can now add payment notes on any of your payments (not just invoiced ones) to help keep track of things. Payments already have default notes for them like “Purchased 5 Sessions” if that was what the payment was for. However, now you can edit them or add to them to help you track whatever you would like to track regarding payments.

To update the notes on a payment, simply type what you want it to say in the “Comments” section of the Payments tab.

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