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Personal Training Website – FitSW Redesign

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Along with the new features we have recently added, we have also been working hard on redesigning the interior pages of our web software! We are excited to announce that the new personal training website redesign is complete! FitSW has revamped almost every page of our website. Furthermore, it is now live. This means you can use our web software and see all of the changes we have made! Since we updated so many pages, we cannot give detailed descriptions of every design change we made. We will go over a few of the pages we redesigned in depth. However, the full list of pages we made design improvements are as follows:

  • Client List
  • When Adding A New Client
  • Workouts
  • When Adding A New Workout
  • Both Exercise Progress & Assessment Graphs
  • The Table Format For Exercise Progress & Assessments
  • When Adding A New Progress Entry
  • Exercise List
  • When Adding An Exercise
  • The Assessment List
  • Food List
  • My Blog Page
  • When Adding A New Blog Post
  • Payments
  • Profile Page
  • Settings
  • Custom App
  • Public Trainer Page

Client List

personal trainer website redesign client list view

The “Client List” has gotten some major design improvements! However, we tried to keep it in a similar format, so all of your data is still easy to navigate through. We added some spacing and shadowing improvements, enhancing the overall feel of the “Client List”. Additionally, countless hover effects have been added so you always know where your cursor is on the screen. Finally, we changed the ways your clients are listed. Each one of your personal training clients will have a slight amount of spacing between them, so you always know which clients data you are viewing.


personal trainer website redesign payments page view

With FitSW, your payments dashboard has always offered you a full ledger of your personal training client’s payment history. Additionally, the date your clients paid, which client it was, and a payment ID has always been provided. Now, with our design improvements, it is easier than ever to see who submitted payment and when. The amount your client paid you in now in bolded green text, making it easy to see how much your client paid.

Personal Training Website – Profile Page

personal trainer website profile page view

We made a lot of personal trainer website improvements. This includes the profile page. It is now extremely easy to input your data for your profile page. Additionally, this information is visible to all of your personal training clients, so it is important to make sure it is all filled out. This is where you can upload your companies logo, what type of personal training you offer, a phone number for your clients to contact, and even your blog’s information.

Exercise List

personal training website improvements exercise list

Our exercise list has gotten many new features and design improvements! We recently added the ability to filter through the exercise list. In addition, we made it easier to analyze the exercises in our database. Beginner workouts are now green, intermediate are blue, and advanced are red. In addition, you have always had the ability to find exercises based on what muscle group they are focused on.

FitSW Wants Your Feedback On Our Personal Training Website Redesign!

We are very excited to have redesigned our personal training website and would love your thoughts! If you have any feedback or comments on these our new design improvements, contact us! You can do this by connecting with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! We typically reply within a day or so!

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