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Top 11 Websites to Buy Fitness Equipment Online

The world of fitness is home to a wide range of specifications from aerobic to strength training to cardio, etc. When piecing together yoga studios, strength gyms, aerobic centers, or whatever your specifications may be, there is an overwhelming amount of options for fitness equipment. Deciding where to buy equipment and what equipment to buy can be a daunting task. This is a huge investment to improve the quality and longevity of a fitness facility. You may have upgraded your ability to manage clients using fitness software which helps your business manage all your clients, their fitness programs, nutrition plans, communication, and track their progress. Now you just need to upgrade your gym equipment. Below we guide you through the best places to buy fitness equipment online.

Before approaching these websites with your credit or debit card on the table, think about the most important and most implemented aspects of your personal training specifications. Consider what your clients need and maybe even what they have asked for in terms of exercise equipment. Consider what exercises out of the thousands of exercises in our exercise list you typically have your clients do.

To make life easier for you, this is a breakdown of 11 different websites that offer fitness equipment for any size gym, studio, and home gym. Many of these sites offer consulting to tailor equipment purchases to the needs of your business or home gym.

1. Fitness

Fitness Superstore Website Screenshot

Fitness Superstore sets itself apart from other companies in advertising for 40-70% off MSRP. Specifically, they offer both home and commercial gym equipment. A discount of this nature is hard to beat, especially for such expensive equipment. Additionally, they ship their new and refurbished equipment worldwide. Fitness Superstore carries 32 different brands of home and commercial fitness equipment. Therefore, if you already have an idea of a brand or a list of them you might want to look into, then they most likely carry it. 

If you do not see what you want on the website, that is not the end of the road. Above all, this company is unique in its efforts for finding and providing the equipment you’re looking for. They do it all from flooring to customizing equipment to full-service installation.

On top of these perks, they offer a free year of warranty on refurbished items. They can provide up to a 5-year extended warranty on parts and accessories both refurbished and new. These warranties are extensive in their coverage. They include servicing mechanical repair, software troubleshooting, and the wearable gear that comes with the equipment like heart monitors.

2. Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory Website Screenshot

Fitness Factory is a beast in the fitness equipment world. They have been in the business for over 30 years. Their team of specialists is skilled at helping to ultimately guide you through the facility-building process. In addition, they have a huge array of options for equipment and accessories. Their online service team is committed to making the gym-building process as affordable as possible. At the same time, they can help you load up everything you might need into your cart. 

Fitness Factory even offers home gym packages. They have specified packages for building into garages, functional trainers, bench and weight packages, and smith machines. Brands they carry for all types of equipment include, BodySolid, Endurance, Powerline USA, Best Fitness, Harbinger, Schwinn, Kettler, Ropeflex, Star Trac, and many more.

3. Fitness

Fitness Outlet Website Screenshot

The Fitness Outlet is a comprehensive fitness equipment retailer with an inspiring success story. In 1993, two friends started the business selling equipment out of a home living room. Just a year later the duo opened their first store. They have been providing quality fitness equipment worldwide for the last 27 years.

They offer everything from commercial gym equipment and packages to home gym equipment of all expertise and price ranges. This retailer has a very large array of equipment to choose from. For instance, they carry brands like Bowflex, Schwinn, Echelon, Nautilus, BodyCraft, Hampton Fitness, Apex, Cybex, Stairmaster, Assault Fitness, and many, many more.

In terms of their commercial services, Fitness Outlet offers design and planning consultations. This includes help with flooring, mirrors, electrical, installation, facility management, maintenance, and more. Unrelated to gym equipment, they also sell billiards and other table games!

4. Gym

Gym Pros Website Screenshot

Gym Pros sets themselves apart from the competition with their multitude of daily price drops. They also have several large sales with up to 75% off on select products. Since 2003, they have been providing high-quality equipment worldwide with exceptional customer service. They have been A-rated by the Better Business Bureau for many years in a row.

They have a well-rated refurbished program with certifications from brands like Precor, Stair Master, LifeFitness, Hammer Strength, and Star Trac. Gym Pros even provide a comprehensive web page outlining the refurbishing process for the different equipment they work on. 

Other than their well-established used equipment program, they carry a wide variety of new equipment for both home and commercial gyms. Their main focus in equipment are treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, bikes, strength equipment, and rowers. 

5. Pro Gym

Pro Gym Supply Website Screenshot

For all things commercial, Pro Gym Supply is a great option for supplying commercial fitness equipment worldwide at wholesale prices. For 20 years, Pro Gym Supply has been servicing countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Australia. Basically, they have sold equipment on every continent. That is pretty cool if you ask me. Another aspect of their business that is worthy of mentioning is their gym and equipment customization service. 

Their focus points are cardio and strength equipment and have hundreds of pieces of equipment stocked for each type. Pro Gym even has a whole array of physical therapy equipment as well. Brands they offer consist of Hoist, Freemotion, Keiser, SciFit, Nustep, TechnoGym, Star Trac, Life Fitness, and Hammer Strength.

Like Gym Pros, Pro Gym Supply has a highly rated refurbished equipment program. If you’re looking to get equipment on a budget this company is also very much worth looking into. 

6. Rogue Fitness –

Rogue Fitness is a well-known fitness equipment brand that is well known for high-quality and expensive equipment. They often highlight the fact that their product are American-made and have a strong brand precense. However, a big question for Rogue Equipment is whether the quality is worth the price, because it can be quite costly.

Many high-end gyms feature Rogue equipment because of its powerful positive branding. We all know how important branding can be!

7. Fitness

Fitness Zone Website Screenshot

Who doesn’t love free shipping?! Fitness Zone offers free shipping on all items with no minimum purchase required. They will also price match if you find a better offer on equipment elsewhere. Fitness Zone has been providing and servicing fitness equipment for 24 years now. They know their way around the gym and the 38 different brands they carry.

Aside from offering an immense amount of home and commercial gym equipment, they also provide fitness equipment for children and seniors’ wellness. This wide array of options will definitely satisfy some, if not all, of your fitness equipment needs.

If your equipment is giving you trouble on a weekend, then don’t worry! They have customer service available 7 days a week, unlike many other companies that offer service Monday through Friday. 

8. Titan

Titan Fitness Website Screenshot

Titan is a great option for the individual person wanting strength or endurance gym equipment. They have quality equipment at good prices and free shipping with no minimum. Titan has strength-building equipment, endurance equipment, and lots of storage options for building into a home gym. 

For affordable options, this retailer has a scratch and dent program where they resell certified, slightly used equipment. This could be helpful if your gym is missing pieces or if you need upgrades to equipment storage. In conclusion, this is a great site for finding the pieces to finish the job.

9. Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment Empire Website Screenshot

This company specializes in rare, collectible machines from names like Nebula, Medx, Atlantis, Bodymasters, TK Star, and Icarian. If looking to spice up a gym with equipment that clients have probably never used before, then this is the company to keep in mind. Clients absolutely do not want to become bored with the options available to them for exercising, so don’t let them!

This is a good resource to take note of if you become interested in finding and buying rare equipment. Aside from the rare equipment, they offer a wide range of equipment for fair prices. They also have certain pieces on sale fairly often. To make the process easier for you, they also offer circuits and packages to choose from. 

10. Precor Home

Precor Home Fitness

Precor sets its sights on bringing club-quality fitness to the homes of its customers. This company offers in-home delivery and assembly. During this tumultuous time with COVID-19, Precor is a useful resource when looking to invest in home fitness equipment. 

If you didn’t already know, Precor produces its own brand of equipment for at-home use. Now, many of the websites listed before do carry Precor products. The benefit of purchasing home gym equipment through Precor is their 0% APR financing. They also provide brands by the name of True, Octane, Spirit, WaterRower, and Inspire. 

11. Best Used Gym Equipment –

Best Used Gym Equipment Image

More and more people are discovering the benefits of having life fitness goals. Whether you want a treadmill or some free weights, Best Used Gym Equipment is there to help. The team uses its experience working with the best fitness brands to guide clients in selecting the right used gym machines and products.

They work with the biggest suppliers of used exercise and fitness equipment. At BUGE, they buy and sell, and handle trade-ins. For instance, they carry used treadmills, fitness and exercise equipment, and machines.

Their collection of products includes all types of fitness gear with a huge brand selection. Specifically, they carry top industry names like Nautilus, TechnoGym, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor, Freemotion, StarTrac, and many other big-name fitness brands.

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