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Printing Fitness Progress Graphs & Changing Default Assessments

New Progress Graph Features: Printing Fitness Progress Graphs & more

We just released several new features for the Fitness Assessments & Fitness Progress Graph section of that you have been asking for.  These new features include the following main additions: Printing Fitness Progress Graphs, Printing Fitness Progress tables, and the ability to set Default Assessments so that every client you add will automatically be setup with the Default Assessments you have defined.

Printing Fitness Progress Graphs - Fitness Graph Example
Fitness Progress Graphs like the one above can now be easily Printed out.  This is in addition to both you and your clients being able to view online.

Printing Fitness Progress Graphs and Fitness Progress Tables

You and your clients can view Progress Graphs on FitSW anytime you would like.  Some trainers have also requested we provide the ability for you to easily print these out on paper in order to review or share a hard-copy.   So we have now added a convenient green “Print” button right next to the “Add Progress” button.   When you click this button you will be able to choose what you would like to print and how you would like the data displayed.  You can choose if you want to Print Progress Graphs or if you want to Print the data in table form.

The new green Print button allows Printing Fitness Progress Graphs
The new green Print button allows you to print your client’s data in Graph form or in table form.

Printing Fitness Progress Graphs Formatting

The page will then be reformatted to provide the best look for printing and you can then print to a printer, .pdf, or whatever you would like. Here is an example of what the print format will look like:

Printing Fitness Progress Graphs formatting.
FitSW optimized Progress Graphs for Printing once you hit that print button.

Here is an example of what the print format will look like for printing in table form.

Printing Fitness Progress Graphs data in table form.
View of Printing Progress Graph Tables.

Setting Default Fitness Assessments

You decide what Assessments you measure for your client’s Fitness Progress Graphs.  Set an assessment to measure Body Fat %, Weight, Number of Push-ups, or anything else you would like.  You may have noticed that when adding a new client, the default Assessments assigned to those clients is always to measure:  Hips, Chest, Biceps, Waist, Body Fat, and Weight.  Well, we have now enabled a feature to let you defined these Default Assessments yourself.  So whenever you add a new client, they will automatically be setup with the Assessments that you would like.  This goes for whether you add the client on the website, FitSW iOS App, or the FitSW Android App.  Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on “Assessment List” in the menu at the top of the page.
  2. FitSW will then display a list of your Clients and with “Default” at the top.
  3. Click Default and then set whatever Default Assessments you would like.
Set Default Assessments for your Fitness Progress Graphs.
To set your Default Assessments, click “Assessment List” in the menu at the top.  Select “Default” in the list that appears after doing so.

2 thoughts on “Printing Fitness Progress Graphs & Changing Default Assessments


    excellent update, my customers are happy for this, I ask you if there is an update scheduled with the possibility of having through the inclusion of anthropometric data (plicometry, sex, height, etc. ..) data on the% of fat and the reference table to set goals, it would be great, to adeso I am forced to enter data into other software to get% fat, this turns out to be an unpleasant to do ….
    thanks for your attention and keep it up to speed !!!!
    prof.salvo urso

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