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Subscription Payment for Personal Trainers – Why You Should Set it Up

Subscriptions are everywhere these days. A Netflix or HBO Max subscription gives members access to tons of movies and shows. Subsequently, they do not have to buy shows a la carte. It simplifies things for the member because they don’t have to waste time purchasing individual items. At the same time, it makes revenue more predictable for the seller. The seller also doesn’t have to worry about collecting individual payments.

Personal trainers and their clients can realize these same benefits when the trainer accepts payment via automated subscription. It becomes “Set it and Forget it” for both the personal trainer and the client. Below are 5 reasons you should be using subscription payments that will benefit both you and your client, along with one easy way to setup subscription payments.

Stop Spending Time Collecting Payments From Clients

One of the least favorite aspects of many personal trainer’s jobs is to chase down clients for payments. Its not fun to track who is not up-to-date on their payments. Even less fun is having to ask when that client will be able to make the payment. Its an uncomfortable situation for all parties involved. When you setup an automated monthly (or weekly) subscription payment with your clients, you won’t ever have to endure those awkward situations. Money will automatically come in every month and you and your client can enjoy other conversation topics.

Session Cancellations Don’t Hurt Trainers as much

Another least favorite aspect of the personal trainer job are cancellations. It’s frustrating to have a planned workout with someone only to have them say that they have something come up. Well if they are paying you a monthly subscription, it doesn’t hurt you financially. You may still feel disappointed in not getting to help that client for that session. However, at least you don’t have to hurt financially. Having a subscription payment for personal trainers setup, will prevent cancellations from hurting your revenue.

More Momentum for Clients to Keep Training

As Jan Levinson-Gould wisely said “There are always a million reasons not to do something.” Don’t let the resistance of the client having to go through the trouble of making a payment this week be one of those reasons. If the payment is automatic, the client will have one less thing to impede their decision to improve their health. It could even serve as motivation. In particular, the client may think something like “Well I already auto-paid my subscription this month, I better get my money’s worth from this investment in health”.

Subscription Payment for Personal Trainers can actually motivate

Simplification for Your Clients and You

Your clients already have a lot on their plates with their everyday lives. Trying to make big strides in their fitness on top of it all complicates things further. Rather than worrying about how many sessions they had with you this week and calculating how much they owe you, its easier just to pay a standard monthly or weekly rate subscription. Schedules are complex, and its easier if clients don’t need to think about how much they owe you. They don’t have to worry about whether they pay you for 2 sessions this week because they are traveling or 4 because they squeezed in more before their vacation. It’s also nice for you when you don’t have to track things like this. If your client can just “set it and forget it” with a weekly or monthly subscription, its just simpler.

More Predictable Revenue

If you have 15 clients, each on an automated weekly subscription plan, it is much easier to predict your weekly revenue. Conversely, its more difficult to try to count how many sessions are actually going to materialize this week. Whether you setup weekly, monthly or some other time period, you will have a better idea of how much money will be coming in over that period with subscriptions. Of course, subscriptions also make the cost more predictable for your clients also.

How to Set up Monthly Subscriptions

All of the above probably sounds great, but how do you actually setup subscriptions with your clients? There are numerous ways, but our favorite (obviously) is to use a FitSW personal trainer account to do it. We have tried to make it as seamless as possible. You can get setup within minutes with just a few steps:

  1. Sign up for a FitSW Trainer Account
  2. Get setup accepting payments
  3. Create a subscription

Once you have completed the above 3 steps, your clients can purchase subscriptions for you. And you can get back to what you love – training!

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