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Fitness Client Messaging – Reactions, Voice Memos and Video Messages

In July, we brought you our new personal trainer messaging center, that allows personal trainers and gym managers to communicate with their clients. Users can communicate 1:1 or create groups for fun, social fitness conversations and motivation. We received a ton of positive feedback on our fitness client messaging feature. So now, we have added even more features to our fitness messaging center.

First, we have now added emoji reactions so that you can add some fun – and efficiency 😉 – to your chats. Its a great way to react to your clients success in your 1:1 chats or in your group chats. Your clients can also utilize these emoji reactions to keep things fun.

Second, we have a voice memo and video messages to both 1:1 chats and group chats. Unable to type out a response? Just send a quick voice memo to your training group. It’s great for longer messages that you don’t want to type out by looking and typing on your phone screen. Or if you want to let your clients see your beautiful face, send a video message through the chat. Video messaging is an amazing feature for clients to send you a quick form check if they are doing a workout on their own.

Fitness Client Messaging Emoji Reactions

On the website and in our mobile apps you can now react to your clients messages. Reacting with emoji’s keeps things fun in your client messaging. You can react to photos, videos, or text that your clients send. On the website, simply highlight the message that you would like to react to, and you will see an emoji appear. Tap that emoji and then choose from several options. Your clients will see your reaction. You can even use this in your Group Messaging conversations. Your clients can use this same functionality on their side.

Fitness Client Messaging Emoji Reactions

Voice Memos in Fitness Client Messaging

When voice memos rose to prominence in text messaging, I used to wonder why I would send voice message or memo in a text message. It seemed easier to just make a phone call. That was before I realized that there are several benefits to voice memos. First, by sending a voice memo you give the recipient the flexibility to listen to your message whenever they would like instead of having to connect over the phone. You avoid phone tag, waiting for multiple rings, etc. Its more instantaneous.

Secondly, it is much more valuable to have a voice memo in group messaging than having to coordinate a multi-person phone call. Voice memo’s lend themselves very well to personal trainers, because a trainer’s motivational messages by voice contain so much more than a simple text message can.

To use this feature, simply click the microphone icon in the chat window and record your message. It’s so easy but it can add a personal touch and convey so much more information than a text. It’s also perfect to replace long text messages. It saves you time as the sender so that you don’t have to type out long messages. Additionally, it can save time for the reader if they are on the go. Your clients can also use this feature.

Voice Memos in Fitness Client Messaging

Video Messaging Clients

Video messaging also has many of the same benefits of voice memos. It’s saves time and is great for multiple client conversations. Additionally, videos contain so much more than a text or even voice memo. Your clients will love seeing your beautiful faces ;), or your demonstration right there in their FitSW chat feature. Motivation is so much easier via video and it just adds a more personal touch.

To use this feature, you simply tab on the camera icon right next to the Voice Memo microphone icon. Its just as easy to use and your clients will love it. Your clients can even use it to communicate with you even if its to just send you a quick exercise form check.

Client Messaging and Chat

As you can see, we have added a ton of features to in-app fitness client messaging. You can engage in group messaging, react to messages, send voice memos, send video messages, and so much more. These all make it so much easier to motivate, educate, and communicate with your client. Let us know if there are any other features that you think would help you and your clients achieve their goals.

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