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Android Exercise Form Check

A few months back, we added the ability for clients to upload exercise form videos on iOS. This feature is now ready on our Android app for personal trainers and their clients! It’s a simple, easy way for clients that aren’t always training with you to upload a video of themselves doing an exercise so that you can check their form. Your clients can upload these videos directly from the workout that they are following without taking a lot of time.

Uploading Form Check Videos as a Client

As mentioned, your client can upload their exercise form check videos directly from the workout they are following. They just need to swipe left on the specific exercise they would like to upload a form check video for. Their screen will then look similar to the one below.

exercise form check

From there they can click the “Upload Video” button. This will then bring up a new screen (seen below) where they can tap Choose Video. This will then let the user either choose to upload an existing video on their phone or take a new video. The client can also specify which set of the exercise the upload is for.

exercise form check upload

Once the client has uploaded the video, they can go on to their next exercise. If they want to view the exercise they uploaded, they can just swipe left on the specific exercise and click upload again. This will display the current uploaded video and allow the client to replace it if they would like.

Viewing Videos as a Trainer

The trainer can view these exercise form check videos on any device after the client has uploaded them. It’s easy to quickly evaluate the exercise form and then add comments to the uploaded video in order to communicate what the client needs to improve or what they should keep doing. If the trainer is logged into the Android app, they can do that there also.

The trainer should go to the exercise in question and swipe left on it similar to how the client does. However, the trainer will see a button that says “Play Video” instead of the “Upload Video” button. You can see this in the image below.

play exercise form check

The trainer can then click this Play Video button and review the client’s exercise form. They can also add a “Video Comment” to provide feedback to the client about that specific video. The client will receive a notification on their device and be able to review this video comment.

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