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Android Tablet Personal Trainer Software and Other Improvements

Android Release: Android Tablet Personal Trainer Software Improvements and more

We have released a new Android beta for the Android Application that adds a few highly requested features such as landscape orientation.  We have also improved the app so that the android tablet personal trainer software is easier to use. Also in the update is an updated Profile screen where Trainer’s can now edit their Personalized Page. We have also added the ability for clients to manage Payments within the app. Below we will go into detail of the new changes with the latest release. Information about the beta is at the bottom of this blog post.

New Personalized Page and Settings Menu

We have added the ability for Trainer’s to modify their Personalized Page within the app on the Profile screen. Also added in this release is an updated Settings menu, with some of the options that were on the Profile screen being moved to Settings.

Android Tablet Personal Trainer Software Profile Screen 1   Android Tablet Personal Trainer Software Profile Screen 2   Android Tablet Personal Trainer Software Settings Screen

Accepting Payments

Customers can now manage payments through the Payments screen, which is on the side menu. More information about payments can be found in a previous post where we go into detail about the feature and how it works.

Landscape and Large Screen Support

We also added Landscape and large screen support. Users can now switch between portrait and landscape orientations throughout the app.

Android Tablet Personal Trainer Software Android Beta Tablet Support
This image displays the new landscape orientation support on a large screen

Accessing the Android Beta

We have decided to release to the beta for this release to allow us to better monitor crashes and stability issues.

To opt-in to the beta visit the following link click here. After visiting the link click “Become a tester”. Users can enter or leave the beta whenever they like.  To do so, click on the same link above and opt out of the beta. We appreciate any feedback that you have regarding the app, which you can report through the “Feedback” popup within the app.

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