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FItSW Updates 3.12.2021 – Calendar View on iOS


Visualize upcoming events in a whole new way with the new calendar view in iOS. Now, trainers and clients can view any upcoming workout, nutrition plan, or tasks in an organized calendar view. This will help trainers better stay on top of what events their clients need to complete for the day. If a trainer has over 5 clients with daily assignments, it can become tedious to go through each of the clients’ assignments to know what they should be reminded of and what the trainer needs to follow up with them on. Through the calendar view, trainers get a concise overview of everything they have assigned to their clients and can filter them by event type (workouts, nutrition, or tasks).

As for clients, the calendar view helps them better prepare for upcoming assignments. Essentially, this and gives them another way to track them. Our goal for implementing this view is to help ensure that it is easy for clients to stay on top of their assignments. Adversely, this can boost overall compliance scores for FitSW users. Life is a little bit easier when you can cut out ways to fall behind or off track of progress!


Two weeks ago, we announced that compliance tracking got an upgrade on the web app for both gyms and clients. Now, gym account managers and clients have more options for pulling a compliance data report. Pull personal training client compliance data using date ranges! Get access to the data you need without the hassle of sorting through it!

Gym Overview of Compliance with Date Range

Clients and gym account managers will have the option of filtering by month, week, or custom date ranges. For gyms, this will apply on top of any other filters you have specified between event type and gym or trainer totals.

Client Compliance with Date Range

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