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Custom Branded Fitness App for Personal Trainers

Have you ever wanted your own mobile Fitness App? The ability to offer clients your own app would take your business to the next level and add a professional touch to stand out from the competition. FitSW now offers a custom branded fitness app feature for personal trainers. Personal Trainers can combine their brand with all the features on FitSW’s app to have it all packaged professionally in a customized app.

Custom Branded Fitness App allows you to have your very own logo app icon.
Get your very own custom branded fitness app for you and your clients to use. Your app will show your logo and an app icon with your logo.

Benefits of a Custom Branded Fitness App

Having your own fitness app is more than just being able to brag that you have your own app on the Google Play or Apple App store (although that is kinda cool too). In addition, there are four key ways your own custom branded app benefits your business:


Your own custom app allows you to personalize your client’s experience with an app that has your branding. It gives your clients access to an app made just for them and you are the one to give them access to it. This type of personalization increases client retention and is appealing to new clients.


Your own custom branded app can help your business look even more professional. For instance, your very own app on the app store shows existing and potential clients that your business is polished and professional. As a result, this can help you stand out from the competition.

Brand Strengthening

A customized app with all your personal training business logos really helps grow your brand awareness among client and potential customers. With your brand highlighted through each interaction with the app, clients will connect even more with your business’ brand.


A fully featured, polished fitness app these days costs tens of thousands of dollars to develop. Instead, with FitSW’s custom branded app for personal trainers, you can have all of the functionality you need along with your brand for a low one-time fee outlined below. You can do one app or both.

Custom Branded Fitness App Features

FitSW’s Custom app includes all the features of the regular FitSW App and customizes the following:

  • We add your logo for the App Icon and Login screen. We will replace all FitSW logos with your Logo.
  • Your chosen app name instead of FitSW.

After payment ($299 for Android, $699 for iOS, $99 for web), your app will be on the Google Play / Apple App store in roughly 1-2 weeks. In order to signup for the Custom App, you just need to login to and then click on “Custom App” under the “Account” menu. There you can select the Custom App or Apps you would like to purchase. More information on FitSW’s Custom Branded Fitness Apps.

Customized Website Options

We also offer personal trainers and fitness coaches the opportunity to customize the website. We will replace the FitSW logo in the upper left of the website with your logo. Therefore, anytime you or any of your clients view you will see your logo instead of FitSW. We offer this option for a $50 one-time cost.

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