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Fitness Coaching Forms – Auto-assigning to Clients and More!

Last year we added the ability for trainers to create their own online personal trainer forms. We have added several new features since then to our personal trainer and fitness coaching forms. We know you have found our free online personal trainer forms helpful. However, with a FitSW login, you have the ability to customize these forms and take advantage of the powerful features below.

First among these new features, is that trainers can now decide which forms to automatically assign to new clients. Trainers can also decide which forms to assign as they create the client or at a later time. Trainers can also assign fitness coaching forms to multiple clients at once. They can also easily view which clients have a form assigned.

Second, trainers can drag and drop questions in order to make organizing a new form simple. They can also copy forms and modify them as needed. This makes creating new forms or editing existing ones extremely quick and efficient.

Third, clients can now mark forms as complete. Once a trainer or client marks a form complete, the client can no longer edit it unless the trainer “re-opens” it. The FitSW app will also send the trainer a notification once the client has marked a form as complete.

Easily Assigning Forms to Clients

Automatic Form Assignments

Fitness coaches and trainers can automatically assign from to clients by going to their Custom Forms page and clicking the Assign button for a specific form. That will bring up the assignment window shown below.

automatically assigning fitness coaching forms

Fitness coaches can just click “Assign Future Clients” in order to make sure FitSW automatically assigns this form to all new clients. Fitness coaches can also assign the form to all existing clients, or click the “Select” box in order to specify particular clients.

Viewing Existing Assignments

To view existing assignments, click on the aptly named “Existing Assignments” tab. From there you can view everyone who you have assigned as seen below. You can also remove specific assignments as needed from this screen.

viewing fitness coaching forms assignments

Easier to Create Forms

Drag and Drop Form Questions

Trainers and coaches can now reorder form questions via drag and drop. This makes form creation faster and you can order your form section exactly the way you like quickly. To drag and drop, simply click the 6 dots (seen below).

drag and drop form feature

Copy Existing Forms

If you have an existing form that you want to modify for a specific set of clients, the process just got simpler. Just click the “Duplicate Form” button highlighted below and a copy of that form will be created. You can then edit it as needed and assign it to the proper clients.

copying custom fitness forms

Marking Forms as Complete

When a client fills out a form, you likely want what they entered to be saved and viewable by both you and the client. However, you may not want your client to update the form later without you knowing. That is why we have added the “Mark Form Complete” feature.

marking custom fitness form complete

Once a form is marked as complete, the trainer will receive a notification and the form will not be editable unless the trainer decides to make it so again. The “Mark Form Complete” also makes it easy for the trainer to track who has completed what forms. This information can be seen on the client’s profile or the “Existing Assignments” screen.

Marking fitness coaching form complete

We have been really working hard on amping up our custom forms feature. We have added a ton of features that make it easier and quicker to update the forms you have your clients fill out. On top of that, we have made managing forms more efficient to save you time.

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