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New Discounted Custom Fitness App – Custom-Lite iOS App

Having your own custom fitness app elevates you to the next level among existing clients and potential client. We have previously discussed the numerous benefits of a custom fitness app. Well, now we have a new exciting and affordable way to create more brand recognition for your business. This will put you a step ahead of the competition with the discounted custom fitness app.

We have previously advertised the ability to have your own web-app and custom mobile apps (android and iOS) on their respective app stores. These “Custom-Apps” are an incredible bargain compared to our competitors, or developing your own app from scratch. However, they even still contain all the functionality of FitSW! We are excited to add another customization option to this lineup: The Custom-Lite iOS App.

purchasing the custom-lite ios app

Purchasing the Discounted Custom App

Available for only $199, this option allows you to inject your logo and branding as the App icon on the home screen, and within the app. It also allows you to choose your own color scheme, instead of using the FitSW default colors. The Custom-Lite iOS App is a great bridge between using the default FitSW app and purchasing your own Custom App (Currently priced at $799). If you are a growing trainer who is not only trying to gather more clients, but also retain your current clients, then this is the perfect product for you! 

Here is an example of what your clients will see on their dashboard for the custom-lite app:

discounted custom fitness app display

Setting up Your Custom-Lite App

In order to access this feature, head to the customization menu on the website.

Menu for customization

From there is a menu for Lite iOS that will bring you to the page to purchase. This is also the section that once you have a Custom-Lite app where you can set the images and colors. 

setting up the discounted custom fitness app

This option is just the newest addition to customization features built to allow trainers to rapidly grow their business. Additionally, it can especially help you establish your name in the personal training space. You now have a discounted custom fitness app option. So take advantage of the value of the Custom-Lite app and get started customizing today!

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